Secrets of the Wisdom Goddess of Manifestation | How to Invoke Her

Goddess Saraswati, called by Dr. Pillai as the Goddess of consciousness, is the intelligence of manifestation. This is because Saraswati holds the secret between word, or thought, and its relationship with matter.

“Once you are in contact with her, she will give the highest intelligence of the relationship between the mind and matter. Through these blessings from her, you can think and manifest things.” – Dr. Pillai

Secrets of Manifestation: Saraswati Origin

Saraswati is considered to be the consort and power of Brahma, the creator of the world.

According to scriptures, at the beginning of creation, there was chaos. Brahma did not know how to use it to manifest the world. While reflecting on it, Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge, emerged from his mouth. She helped Brahma understand how to turn chaos into creation.

his story shows why she is considered the Goddess of manifestation. In order to take the primordial potency of consciousness, represented by the non-differentiated ‘chaos,’ and give it form, it needs to be organized into concepts.

This is why Dr. Pillai has often said, “You cannot create that which you cannot conceive.”

Saraswati gives unlimited conceptual intelligence that can manifest not just an entire world, but perfection itself. This is because she represents purity, which is why she is always depicted wearing white. It is only through purity that one can manifest perfection.

She is the force of purity and intelligence of the soul that can help you manifest a perfect world free of disease, limitation, and suffering.

As she emerged from the mouth of Brahma, it shows that creation is done through the Word. Sound is the foundation of form, and words are differentiated sounds. Therefore, it is words or thoughts, which organize and manifest our reality.

Dr. Pillai has given a mantra for Saraswati that you can use to invoke her energy for wisdom, intelligence, and the power of manifestation. The last three nights of Navaratri, in particular, are considered to be dedicated to her. Listen and follow along with Dr. Pillai, especially during the night time, to receive her grace. Dr. Pillai also recommends lighting a candle.

On the ninth day of Navaratri, we are offering a special Saraswati Power Package where our specialists will be traveling to powerspots in India, where Saraswati is alive and active, to invoke her on behalf of participants.

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