According to Dr. Pillai, the Hindu Gods and Goddesses need to be understood in different terms. One of those terms is known as “Adhidaivica,” which is a narrative which consists of a story of the god.

While these stories appear to be an external play comprised of characters and circumstances distinct from ourselves, in fact, they are narrating our soul’s journey.

Skanda Shasti, or the Six Days of Muruga, is one such occurrence. About it, Dr. Pillai shares:


“The six days are very, very, important not only just for the Hindus but the entire cosmos. It is a celebration to evolve into a new consciousness, and the consciousness is going to be provided by Muruga.”


This new consciousness, referred to by Dr. Pillai, and how it comes to be, is embedded within the story of Skanda Shasti. Skanda Shasti is the story of Muruga’s victory over demonic forces.

These demonic forces, personified as real beings, were so powerful that only the son of the Supreme God, Shiva, and the Supreme Power, Shakti, could destroy them. This is why Muruga is associated with the ultimate in human evolution as he represents the purest, perfect synthesis of Shiva and Shakti, which can be seen in his symbol known as the star of David.

Additionally, Muruga, who was born from the third eye of Shiva, represents ultimate wisdom. This wisdom, or gnana, is the ultimate weapon or power, which is personified as the Vel he carries. Together with the power of will and action, represented as his two wives, Muruga is the ultimate warrior which no demonic force can defeat.


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Shortly after Muruga’s birth, he was given the position as the general of the devas. The devas, or the forces of light, represent our righteous attributes. Muruga as their general signifies that Muruga is our Divine general within who can guide us on how to defeat our evil tendencies represented by the demonic forces.

It took Muruga’s army six days to defeat the demons. Six is symbolic of many things, including our six primary chakras along the spine. The six days of war correspond to battling and mastering the six chakras, the culmination of which is the attainment of purity and therefore a state of perfection, which Muruga represents. This is why Muruga is considered the God of the “perfected ones” or siddhas.

You can now understand why Dr. Pillai teaches that Skanda Shasti is not just a festival for Hindus, but relevant to all. It is the archetypal story of the raising of our kundalini through the chakras along the spine to attain ultimate power, wisdom, and perfection.

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