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Seven Power times that Welcomes Fall to Give Hope and Receive Abundant Blessings Part One


Pillai Centre

Feeding hungry people brings happiness and blessings.” – Dr. Pillai

The greatest Saints in history left behind a legacy – they put compassion into action and prayed earnestly for solutions that would ease the severe inequalities within the food system. We can continue this good work by using power times in September to help the under-nourished overcome their difficult journey out of poverty. 

Selfless service is the cornerstone to Dr. Pillai’s teachings and the fastest way to receive divine Grace.

Ganesh Chathurthi

I want you to take advantage of this very special time because it is a day when Lord Ganesha will shower his blessings upon those who come to him. I have carefully examined every aspect of help that is available on this day and I want everyone to participate in this special occasion to solve problems that cannot be solved by humans.” Dr. Pillai

Ganesha’s birthday is one of the most celebrated days of the year and the perfect time for connecting with him. Pray to him with strong faith and ask for all obstacles to be removed. Meditate upon his image and feel his presence. The more you take active steps to connect with him, the more he will hear your prayers and assist in the fulfilment of your desires.

People born under the Chitra nakshatra are said to be very kind and generous, especially to people struggling from terrible poverty. When we donate to charities such as Dr. Pillai’s Tripura Foundation, Lord Ganesha rewards such actions with great wisdom, fortune and prosperity.

Vamana Jayanti 

On this day we remember Lord Vishnu as the dwarf Vamana.

In Hindu mythology, King Mahabal had taken over the universe and was on the verge of controlling the heavens and the underworld. Lord Vishnu was sent to Earth as the fifth avatar Vamana to help the Gods restore righteousness

The king gained a reputation for granting people’s wishes which earned him a lot of respect but it also inflated his ego to such an extent that he believed he was greater than God.

Dwarf Vamana restored cosmic balance by visiting King Mahabel – he asked for three tiny feet of land. The moment the wish was granted, he grew into a giant. With two huge steps, he owned heaven and earth – on the third step he crushed the King deep into the underworld.

This is the perfect day for giving from the heart without expecting anything in return. Poverty is extreme and widespread, particularly in countries such as India. Dr. Pillai set up the Tripura Foundation to ensure that every penny donated provides essential resources to help hungry men, women and children attain a better standard of living.

Lord Vishnu is merciful and compassionate. He is drawn toward those who carry out selfless acts towards the less fortunate. He is said to bless such kind-hearted beings with health, abundance and happiness.


During Pradosham we can release old thought patterns and dissolve the negativity that stops us from attaining our heart’s desires.”  Dr. Pillai

Use this day to recite the karma busting sound “Thiru Neela Kantam”. Chant as many times as possible and imagine a blue laser piercing into your throat, prising open the karmic seeds inherited from past lives and releasing their energy. In this new space you can plant positive seeds and look forward to a more fulfilled life.

Lord Shiva is said to be extremely happy and generous during Pradosham. We can make him even happier by liberating a child from the clutches of hunger. All it takes is a few dollars to make a big difference. The Tripura Foundation launches Hunger Action Month. This is a time when people across the globe take a stand against poverty in tangible ways! It is said that Lord Shiva reacts most graciously to such kind gestures and can enhance our spiritual growth by reducing any impurities we may be holding onto such as ego, pride, jealousy and hatred.

From 4pm to 8.30pm we can take active steps to erase the karmic seeds we have brought with us from past lives and help reduce the vast suffering on this earth plane.

Mahalaya begins

Dr. Pillai is quoted as saying: “Even enlightened yogis and rishis look forward to Mahalaya”.

Perform tarpanam as many times as possible between sunrise and sunset and thank your deceased loved ones for their contribution to your existence. When you nourish their souls you help them transform into divine light where they are in a better position to guide you. 

This is also a time for paying back debts to people outside the family line. The more we donate to charitable causes, the more we wipe the slate clean of any wrongs we have inflicted to fellow beings who have crossed our path. 

Poverty is a very complex matter, but donating a sum of money to a child or a veteran is easy. Every $1 donated to the Tripura Foundation serves five meals to hungry children and elderly people.

On Mahalaya Paksha we are also given the opportunity to connect with our deceased ancestors and release them from any unfulfilled business they have on this earth plane. By offering spiritual food we help them to find the peace they deserve. In this realm they are drawn to us through the DNA in our family line and are said to change our destiny.

Be sure to check out Part Two of this blog to discover more power times in the beginning of Fall to do small things and receive great love.



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