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To my surprise, during Akshaya Tritiya festival of abundance in April of 2018, Becky and Maya brought Dr. Pillai over for a short tour of a lovely townhouse where I am staying in the Treasure Coast area of Florida. He very much liked the peacefulness of the pond in front. He walked through the various rooms and commented to me, “This is the SHREEM BRZEE house.”

Recently Dr. Pillai suggested I share a SHREEM BRZEE testimonial about manifesting this townhouse through Becky. This is my story:

I am an American who has spent the last couple years living outside USA. I was invited to stay as a guest in various places in South Africa, Scotland and India. I am truly grateful to all who have been generous in sharing their homes and guesthouses with me.

I have been fortunate to have a blessing from Dr. Pillai to do small Fire Labs on several continents with SHREEM BRZEE sounds. While in Edinburgh in Scotland living on the top floor of a historic building a quarter mile from the castle on the Royal Mile, I spent several weeks doing daily SHREEM BRZEE chanting for 3 hours. Other times I have done practice with writing SHREEM BRZEE in notebooks or listening or dancing to the sounds or watching videos of Dr. Pillai teaching about SHREEM BRZEE.



I have a longtime love for Lakshmi, the angel or archetype of grace, beauty, purity and abundance associated with the SHREEM BRZEE sounds. I experience her as an incredibly beautiful golden light. I also experience Lakshmi as flowing through various people in my life, including all those who hosted me.

I have had wonderful adventures in all these countries I stayed in. These experiences have certainly stretched my perceptions and have made me more global in outlook. One friend described my lifestyle during that period as “monastic nomad.”

I can truthfully say SHREEM BRZEE has helped me in 2018 to suddenly be back in USA and now living in Florida in a beautiful townhouse in a gated community with a lovely view of a pond. The pond and surrounding grassy areas are visited by ducks, cranes, herons, rabbits, squirrels and other wildlife. I have access to an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool and can easily walk to the market, bank, charity shop, pharmacy, restaurants and other stores.

Becky, an ardent and prosperous student of Dr. Pillai’s, made a decision this year to invest in a townhouse. She generously offered to rent to me at a reduced rate. As the landlord, she wanted to rent the place as “furnished”. She has taken great care in kitting out the townhouse with many thoughtful touches that add beauty and comfort.



For example, some of the red glaze on one piece of pottery atop a credenza picks up a splash of red in an overhead peacock painting which then blends into the red of the sofa set and recliner.

I am very appreciative of how considerate Becky has been in setting up this beautiful townhouse. It was really effortless from my side to walk into it and start a fresh chapter in my life with a “householder lifestyle”. SHREEM BRZEE.

There are several peacock themed items in the townhouse. I delight in them as very welcome omens. The peacock is associated with infinite light and has a connection to both Muruga and Krishna, both of whom have always been special to me:

  • On the 2018 Birthday Trip, Dr. Pillai led a meditation and said to scan our bodies. During that meditation I saw a beautiful peacock in my chest, opening up all his tail feathers. I felt a lot of healing energy from Muruga. I know this along with some antibiotics from Becky helped prevent my chest congestion from turning into bronchitis or worse.
  • Earlier in life, I copied out all of Krishna’s teachings from the simple Bhagavad Gita translation by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood in my own handwriting, changing all the masculine nouns and pronouns to feminine ones.

The townhouse also has a number of lovely, framed spiritual pictures selected by Becky. Her choices include:

  • Gorgeous photo of Dr. Pillai that blesses everyone who enters the townhouse
  • Wonderful picture of lion-faced Narasimha guarding the entryway area
  • Ecstatic picture of Nataraj (dancing Shiva) at the foot of a staircase
  • Loving picture of Jesus at the top of the stairs that always makes me smile
  • Joyous picture of Ganesha dancing with stars and planets in the dining area
  • Handsome picture of Vishnu in the office room
  • Sweet picture of Rama and Hanuman in the master bedroom
  • Brilliant picture of Vishnu reclining on a snake bed with Lakshmi near his feet and Brahma arising from a lotus whose stem is coming from Vishnu’s navel
  • Many more decorative and inspiring pieces

Throughout the house are new dishes, silverware, pots and pans, beds and bedding, genuine oak dining table and chairs, rugs, beautiful office desk and chair and much more.

I make a deep bow to Dr. Pillai and Becky and all those who helped her set up the townhouse for this incredible SHREEM BRZEE manifestation. Domo Arigato (Thank you).

May SHREEM BRZEE be embraced by people everywhere for helping us grow into greater prosperity consciousness. May everyone have enough to be comfortable and to have surplus to share with others. SHREEM BRZEE.


By Swamini Valli,

Pillai Center Teacher and AstroVed Astrologer


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