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What does wealth look like to you? For most, it means the end of worries, more pleasure and a more peaceful life. For others, it’s the capacity to help the underprivileged and make this a better world for all.

The latter, more compassionate types aren’t as rare as we might think—as immensely rich individuals such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, along with 14 other billionaires, have proved by donating over 50 percent of their wealth to charity.

When Dr. Pillai received the sound Brzee in a Nadi reading in the late 1990s, he revealed it free of charge to the world with his blessings that widespread poverty would be eliminated.

A Nadi reading is a predictive system invented by the ancient yogis to guide humanity to righteousness and problem solving. It’s believed that those who have acquired enough merits through the blessings from a spiritual master and good deeds will be able to learn about this predictive system and the reasons for their current situation. More importantly, the Nadi leaf used in the reading will reveal the steps to removing bad karma.

The history of Shreem Brzee

So Brzee was given to Dr. Pillai by Vishwamitra, a sage who lived in the era of the Ramayana—the great epic that tells the story of Rama, a prince said to be an incarnation of the preserver Indian god, Lord Vishnu. In this epic, Vishwamitra was one of the Rishis and preceptors who guided Lord Rama to his higher purpose.

Originally, Vishwamitra was a king who intended to give all his subjects both royalty status and wealth. Yet his idealistic goal remained unattained due to lack of funds.

Later in life, Vishwamitra sought out the sage Vasishta and remained in his hermitage in seclusion and meditation for many years, becoming himself a Rajarishi—a great yogi yet king (or warrior) with supernormal powers.

After his death, he was said to have remained in an enlightened state between the Earth and the heavens. Still Vishwamitra didn’t give up his intention of helping humanity and meditated for 1,500 years to find a solution to world poverty.  Finally, a powerful sound was revealed to him. It was Brzee, a powerful mantra to create money.

The above information was revealed to Dr. Pillai, a Tamil Siddha master and scholar, in the same Nadi reading.

Higher potential for a flawless life

According to Dr. Pillai, the sounds Shreem Brzee have the potential to change human consciousness and the world, leading to abundance, inner beauty, inner wealth, compassion, mercy and love for all.




“Then we can also move from its [the Shreem Brzee mantra’s] materialistic connotation to a larger definition to include the qualities of compassion, mercy and beauty and achieve the ultimate wealth,” he said.

How to maximize your Shreem Brzee chanting

The first portion of this prosperity mantra is Shreem—the traditional bija mantra or seed sound for invoking Goddess Lakshmi, an archetype of immense wealth.

This celestial being is said to bring you a balanced life that solves all your material problems, and a balanced approach to your everyday life.

Dr. Pillai has also revealed that Shreem creates a “permanent merit” that gives those who chant it overall well-being—both physically and spiritually—and a “flawless life.”

Try this

  • Recite Shreem Brzee on Fridays or every day during the Venus hora (check the AstroVed Planetary Hora Watch app).
  • Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes.
  • You can visualize Goddess Lakshmi as a very beautiful being of either dark purple color, pink or lavender.
  • Visualize what you need to manifest. Hold onto this image as you begin your chanting. Then let go of the image.
  • You can repeat your visualization a few times during chanting and at the end of your practice.
  • Continue chanting for a set time of your choice—ideally 30 minutes or longer.
  • Chant as often as possible with a group to increase the power of Shreem Brzee, supporting others in their creation of wealth, receiving support from them, and manifesting money miracles.

Scientific experiments on the effects of group meditation have shown amazingly positive results, as seen for example in the so-called Maharishi Effect.

David Edwards, Ph.D., Professor of Government at the University of Texas, said of this study: “This work—and the theory that informs it—deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike.”

Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.

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