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Dr. Pillai has had at least two encounters with Vishwamitra, a powerful and compassionate light being, and one of India’s Emperors during his life on earth. These meetings can potentially change the world, as we know it, where most people work endless hours under harsh conditions and still barely make ends meet.

Read in Dr. Pillai’s words how some sounds can transform your DNA and your finances.

How to Make Everyone a King or Queen

“During his life, Vishwamitra wanted to give all people a great and prosperous life. But he couldn’t do it through material means. So after acquiring a light body, he meditated and found the solution to poverty in the energy dynamics of thoughts that create matter.

“I haven’t come to the earth plane to teach renunciation or other impractical philosophies. Although I have the same ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment for humanity as other spiritual teachers, this can be accomplished with Shreem Brzee. Down the road, I will teach you many different methods of churning this sound.

“Vishwamitra found out that Brzee is a thought form made of a bunch of sound waves that can create wealth. It took him 1,500 years to figure this out.

“Vishwamitra gave me this mantra approximately in 1999, through a special Nadi reading. In the beginning I took it seriously and then I called myself ‘Brzee’, as he asked me.

“But later on, I didn’t pay attention to these sounds and I didn’t use them at all. But recently in my meditation, it became very clear that the whole world is going to be changed by this sound.

Effects of Shreem Brzee

 “Of course, there are some specific techniques for making these sounds go deeply into your DNA. I will teach you those.


“If you spent eight hours just focusing and repeating this mantra, several revelations would come to you.

One easily spends that much time chatting or thinking useless and ‘garbage’ thoughts. Even focusing on Shreem Brzee for a single day would bring you money miracles.

Financial Freedom Brings Authenticity

If you don’t need a check from your boss, you can tell him what you really think about him.

“Because you want a paycheck, you bite your tongue and compromise. Money gives you freedom and makes you authentic. We are now inauthentic. The most important thing in life is to become free and authentic.

“To change the world we must become authentic.

Change Your Financial DNA

“I will teach you many different methods of churning these sounds within your brain, which will make Shreem Brzee go deeply into your DNA. This will change your DNA and your financial conditions. God Bless.”


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