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Dr. Pillai describes how the highest knowledge of the Goddess is properly ‘taught’, and whether men or women are better suited to receive…

silent teacher

“Carl Jung, most of you know who he is, was very much interested in the Goddess concept. He was not an academic psychologist. He was a man who practiced a lot of meditation himself. He went to see Ramana Maharishi in the 1940s. He took a long journey by ship to go to India because he wanted to experience whatever he brought out in psychology as paradigms

When Jung went to India in the 1940s the hygiene was very poor, and there was not a lot of medical help in those days. So with diarrhea very active within his body, he went and sat in front of Raman Maharishi.

Ramana Maharishi never speaks. And even if he could speak, he doesn’t speak English, nor can Jung understand Tamil, the language that Raman Maharishi knew. But then there was an understanding that came instantaneously to Jung. He gave the highest tribute ever paid to Raman Maharishi…

‘He is the whitest spot, in the white sky.’

No word was uttered. This is the highest teaching. This teaching can happen only when the student is right, and Jung was the right person.

Personally I value this silent teaching more than verbal teachings. I prefer not to speak. If I speak, the mind comes in. If I don’t speak, the Goddess is present.

Which one do you want? You want the Goddess. You want the transmission which is the ‘initiation’.

Goddess for All

Now, the question of whether a man is closer to the Goddess, or a woman is closer to the Goddess…

The Goddess is common to both.

Jung made an important contribution. He said a man has a woman’s consciousness hidden, and vice versa. A woman similarly has a man’s consciousness hidden in the Unconscious.

The reason why a man is powerful in this world is not because he’s a man. It is because he is the Goddess. The Unconscious is more powerful than the Conscious.

You may think you are doing everything through the Conscious. It’s not true. It is the Unconscious that is powerful, and the man has the woman’s Unconscious.

Jung did a lot of work on that. He talked about man having this ‘Anima’ unconscious. The man’s unconscious, which is the feminine, carries (according to Jung) Goddesses like Eve, Helen, Sophia, and Mother Mary too. He wrote extensively about that.

That’s why a man is very powerful in this world, whereas the woman has only a man’s Unconscious. Jung did not go further to explain the Unconscious of the woman. That is what I’m going to fill out with the understanding from my own tradition of the Goddess.

God Bless.”

– Dr. Pillai

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