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Dr. Pillai wants you to know that you can create a new reality.

You can rewrite your destiny when you become conscious.

You can become Superhuman.


On Saturday April 26, Dr. Pillai is teaching a 3 hour long Master Course and it’s absolutely Free.

Dr. Pillai will personally deliver 3 major teachings for 2014.

You’ll get one full hour on each of the following:

Time Jumping

Possessing innate and intuitive knowledge beyond that of the worlds leading physicists, Enlightened Yogis have mastered Time and Space, achieving the seemingly impossible.

They can move forward in time or completely stop it, acquiring ageless bodies and even conquering death.

Contrary to popular belief, such feats don’t happen after great lengths of time but occur in the smallest fraction of a second, in the present moment… the Now.

Karma compels us to behave like actors in the play of Reality, following a set script, when in fact we are the authors of the play itself!

Dr. Pillai will be teaching the Yogic understanding of Time and Space and the bearing this has on individual Karma. In particular, how Karma can be changed and destiny rewritten.

Dr. Pillai on Time Jumping

Super Normal Powers

The Great Sage Patanjali and Dr. Pillai have merged.

Patanjali is the author of the Yoga Sutras, arguably the most important and influential manual for total enlightenment of the body and the mind. His teachings have become synonymous with the word Yoga itself.

As foretold by Siddhas for many years and confirmed by numerous Nadi readings, Patanjali has descended into Dr. Pillai’s consciousness.

After repeated miracles in his own life and personal experience, Dr. Pillai has decided to come forward as a channel for Patanjali.

What does this mean for Dr. Pillai’s students and the world?

We now have access to the precise, undiluted teachings of Patanjali for the first time.

Until now the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali have been taught by students and commentators, at best by the rare Master Yogi filtering Patanjali’s teachings through the lense of his or her own personal experience.

That’s not what you’ll get from Dr. Pillai.

Dr. Pillai on Supernormal Powers

Light Body Activation

More conscious energy has descended on the Earth plane. That means humanity can and will evolve whether we like it or not.

As human beings we are well equipped for the process, having the innate ability for self-reflection and the power to participate consciously in our own evolution!

Future human evolution is the Light Body.

The Enlightened Masters of the Siddha tradition have worked for millennia to make it possible today.

The Light Body is Dr. Pillai’s personal passion and he continues to develop more effective ways to both teach the philosophy and empower us to make it a reality.

His latest teachings emphasize two things. First, we must understand and empower the Pineal Gland, the physical correlate of the mystical Third Eye.

Second, to do so we need Divine intervention. Highly evolved Divine beings from worlds beyond our own have the power to take us up into higher consciousness and make it happen. This is the ultimate method undergone and taught by Light Body Masters like Ramalingam and Jnanasamunda.

Dr. Pillai on Light Body Activation


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