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Supernormal Powers are real.

sunburstpatanjali.jpgYou can have them if you want them bad enough and do what it takes to attain. The first thing you’ll need is a Master to lead the way…

2014 is the year that Dr. Pillai will be revealing the most advanced and precise teachings to attain the seemingly impossible.

For most human beings, super normal abilities exist beyond the realm of possibility. They belong in comic books and movies. Unfortunately, even among spiritual people who generally accept the possibility of miracles, super normal powers are frowned upon and something to be avoided.

But the Vedic Sages and Yogis of Antiquity didn’t think so. They experienced these powers first hand and many of them wrote extensively on the means to acquire them.

A super normal ability is like a side effect of advanced spiritual development. They are called siddhis. So a Siddha is one who has siddhi powers.

Foremost is the Great Sage Patanjali. You may know him as the father of Yoga. The popularized form of yoga today–Hatha Yoga, which emphasizes postures and breathing, is but one part of a complex system developed by Patanjali to accelerate human evolution.

There are 8 major powers recognized by the Siddha tradition:

  1. Anima: become as small as you want
  2. Mahima: become as large as you want
  3. Laghima: become as light as you want
  4. Gharima: become as heavy as you want
  5. Prapti: access any place in any world
  6. Prakamya: manifest any desire instantly
  7. Isitva: have the power of God: omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence
  8. Vasitva: power over all the elements and conquering Death

These are broken down further into 64 minor powers and beyond …

Dr. Pillai is teaching a 3 hour Becoming Superhuman Master Course absolutely Free.



In the spirit of the Tamil Siddha tradition, Dr. Pillai wants to share with the world the practical side of spiritual evolution.

As foretold by Siddhas, Patanjali has descended into Dr. Pillai’s own consciousness and has empowered him to serve as a channel for the original teachings in the most precise and effective way.

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