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The call this week on Sundays with Sucharita was shorter than usual, but certainly no less sweet and was loaded with encouraging words from Sucharita! She stressed how it is still a great time to set your intensions for manifestations, due to the Sun’s transit into Aries, the sign of the first natural house of the zodiac. This month is precisely the time to take action to improve something in your life, be it your health, career, relationships, or spiritual aspirations. Set your intentions and remind yourself often what they are. Devise a practice and then do it! Even if you only have five minutes at a time, just do it. Put in your earbuds whenever or wherever you can and listen to the mantras, when you are walking or taking the bus. Let the mantras saturate your consciousness and the Being will come to you. In fact, the Mantra IS the Being that will come to bestow what you ask for. Even if you feel that you are not making progress, this is the sign that you are indeed making progress! The fact that you are noticing this means you are taking care of karma to allow miracles to happen.

Sucharita said “Miracles happen to those who are prepared.” Someone later on the call said that this line was the one that stood out in the talk. But even better than that were the next couple of lines…”And how do you get prepared? You just show up!” Yay! That’s easy!

Sucharita told us all to be sure to tune into the Google hangout to hear Dr. Pillai speak about the Hidden Teachings of Jesus. She stressed how important it is to be in the presence (even the virtual presence) of a master like Dr. Pillai. Everyone benefits tremendously by being in his presence, especially when there are hundreds or thousands of others tuning in at the same time. This magnifies the spiritual vibes exponentially! 😉 You can watch the replay of the Google Hangout right HERE.

One last item that Sucharita was adament about our signing up for, is the upcoming Master Class that Dr. Pillai is giving next Saturday, April 26, 9:00 AM PST. It will be a FREE three hour seminar that Dr. Pillai is giving to everyone as a gift. The seminar will be in three parts: 1.) Understanding and jumping time (so we can get things done quickly), 2.) Siddha (Supernatural) powers and manifestation and 3.) Activation of the Light Body. Dr. Pillai has said that the reason he is on earth at this time is to introduce Light Body Activation to everyone.

So please everyone sign up for this Master Class next Saturday, Aprl 26, 9AM PST. Click HERE to sign up. See you there!

Once again, Happy and Blessed Easter to all!

Love Yagna

Sundays with Sucharita Support Team Member

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