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What is Spiritual Meditation

What is Spiritual Meditation?

Spiritual Meditation is the highest form of Meditation technique that can make you realize who you are and help establish a connection with the higher power. It helps an individual to achieve self-realization. Regularly practicing Spiritual Meditation helps you strip off all your perceptions about yourself until that point in your life.

It also allows you experience real joy and peace. Spiritual meditation teaches the art of the concentrating at one’s present moment than pondering about the past or fearing about the future. It proves to be an effective technique that powers you to effectively handle the chaotic world around you.

Characteristics of Spiritual Meditation

The main characteristics of spiritual meditation are

1. Experiencing the loss of a sense of separateness

2. Hearing voices or seeing visions

3. Feeling the spiritual presence

4. Undergoing a sense of awe

5. Enjoying a sense of transcendence

Spiritual benefits of meditation

Meditation comes with various spiritual benefits. One who practices meditation will experience true blossoming of their spirit. Some of the are given below for your reference.

  • Meditation helps you to develop a more balanced sense of being. Your level of self-awareness goes up resulting in increased focus.
  • If you are meditating you will experience inner stillness and peace. Your will stop being unnecessarily anxious.
  • Meditation will result in less reactivity. It will calm you down.
  • A person practicing meditation will experience a sense of inner bliss that is not affected by any external circumstances
  • It helps to develop an authentic sense of who you are on a soul level.
  • Meditation plays a vital role in bringing down your stress levels.
  • It boosts the creativity of an individual. Meditation stimulates the mind resulting in better creativity.
  • People practicing meditation develop a strong sense of belonging.
  • It will improve your self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • Meditation helps in getting clarity about the purpose of life.

Health Benefits of Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation comes with several health benefits that are hard to ignore.

1. Spiritual Meditation will lower your high blood pressure.

2. As it reduces the blood lactate levels your anxiety levels will be check.

3. Spiritual meditation shall effectively reduce stress related ailments like tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle, and joint problems.

4. It aids serotonin production resulting in improved mood and behaviour.

5. Spiritual Meditation boosts your body’s immune system.

6. It helps in fixing sleeping disorders.

Spiritual meditation for sleep

Lack of sleep is a main issue faced by many. Change in Lifestyle, Social Chaos, Junk food, lack of work-life balance are the main causes of sleeping disorder. Spiritual Meditation is a widely prescribed remedy to fix this problem.

The following are the main techniques of spiritual meditation that act as a solution to your sleeping problem.

1.Breathing exercises: This technique is the process of regulating your breath. Count your breaths and then inhale and exhale slowly. Continue this for some time and your body will start relaxing and you will get sleep.

2. Mindful body scanning: Lie on your bed and observe the breath and the places where your body is touching your bed. Now, starting at the toes “switch off” any effort in each part of your body.

3. Visualizations: Imagine an image or scene that is pleasant and close to your heart. Fill your mind with the positive energy generated from that image or scene.

4. Gratitude: Before going to bed thank everyone you have to thank for the day. You might thank God, your parents, friends, well-wishers, spouse, and even strangers who made your day beautiful.

5. Counting: You could slow the mind and free from unnecessary thoughts by counting slowly. You can start at 100 (or even 1,000) counting backwards to one, then starting at 10 again.

6. Retrace your day: Review your day, in detail, action-by-action. It can keep your mind free from unwanted distractions and make you fall asleep soon.

When to Meditate

Generally meditating during the early morning is good but if you are not able to wake up early, you might meditate whenever you are up from bed. It is better to meditate with an empty stomach.

If you find it uncomfortable meditating with an empty stomach you can take a glass of water or milk. Meditating before going to bed is also a good practice. If you are meditating at the same time every day, the results would be very satisfying.

Can I get spiritual power through meditation?

You can get spiritual powers through meditation but for that to happen you should put genuine efforts. If you practice spiritual meditation after receiving initiation from a Guru, you can easily progress in your quest for spiritual power.

But you have to be sure to use the spiritual powers for a better cause and not for any destructive purposes.

Keys to a successful spiritual meditation

The following are the keys you have to follow for successful spiritual meditation.

  • Ensure a comfortable position: Comfortable position is a must for successful meditation. Put a mat and sit in an upright position. Don’t lean to the wall but you may lean if you are too old and need to balance your back.
  • Feel the energy: Meditation is all about energy and you have to feel it. Be very attentive even to the slight energy changes happening in you.
  • Acknowledge your thoughts: Never try to disown your thoughts, that is not going to help you. Acknowledge your thoughts, face the reality and be ready to make amends.
  • Say a prayer or a chant: Uttering a prayer or a small chant will help you focus more on your meditation. This step will bring you closer to divinity.
  • Practice self-reflection: Self-reflection is a process of keeping a tap on your progress. Weighing your spiritual progress is the main key to successful spiritual meditation.

Hope you got an overall idea about Spiritual Meditation. In this fast developing world, the stress levels of humans are increasing very fast. Depression has become very common even in kids. Spiritual Meditation is an important solution to this problem. It plays a major role in maintaining the mental health of a person. Give a try and you will understand better.

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