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You Are Impacting the Brain in a Significant Way

You have been wondering what’s going to happen when you just touch and tap at these points. Now even if you just go and then wave your hand, you are disturbing a lot of electrons. That’s true, that is scientific. But when you tap here, you are impacting the brain in a very significant way although you do not know.

You know, that’s the whole idea of people putting this, what is called “The Nama.” Some of you may not have seen that, particularly in the West. This is a picture of “The Nama,” the forehead and then in the middle, the yellow and the red, you know represents the middle line that I am talking about, that corresponds to the Midbrain. And here you can see on this picture of a man, you can see the lines going up and they are trying to activate the brain in a significant way.

Tapping Has a Measurable Effect

So don’t think that just tapping it does not have an effect. And here is a wearable EEG machine, and I have better machines also that I use, and sometimes I use this machine too. So if you put this machine you will know how the brain wave changes. Although we don’t know how, luckily we have these EEG devices which can measure.

No Technique is as Powerful as This One

So this is a very powerful technique. That’s why people have experienced a tremendous amount of peace and clarity and so forth while practicing this technique, and I have mentioned that no technique is as powerful as this one.

You know, for people who are not into spiritual practices, and they have a very busy life, it’s a great technique, and much more powerful than a sit-down meditation for half an hour where you are really not having any experience and fighting with thoughts, because you often are irritated by the mind.

The Science of Mudras

But this here when you go and touch, you know, this is most significant. There are a lot of things going on here. This particular {ring} finger, if you use this, it is more powerful because the ring finger is the love finger, and if you touch this with this {ring} finger it has an effect, and if you do it with this {middle} finger, it has another effect, and with this {index} finger there is another effect. It is scientific. Also this belongs to the science of mudras. So when you do a mudra like this, Asamyukta mudra as it’s called, bending this index finger and getting it under the thumb you will have significant… If you have an EEG machine you can see what happens when you keep that position like the Buddha, or Dakshinamurty, and the Gods are doing.

And there is a scientist who has studied that, and who was studying Agraphia, which is a disease of being unable to write properly because there is a coordination between the brain and the fingers, and Hertzman, he was the guy who has done a lot of research on that, but anyway…

Free June 4 Brain Training Event

So it’s important to use this {ring} finger, and tap it. And also I want to make a few announcements before we practice this technique. On June 4, I am going to do a program on Brain Training that will be free for everyone all over the world, and that will be a precursor for my Guru Purnima Event that will be on July 16th. So I invite you for that program.

Upcoming Videos: How Radiation Affects Us

And also an announcement is this morning I did a video on Turmeric. I am also planning to do more videos on this: “How radiation affects us,” and then particularly about Turmeric which has become a very big medicine in these days, not medicine in the Ayurvedic, and Siddha Tradition, but in the West it is an herb with hundreds of researches on its benefits. I want you to also look at that.

Midbrain Watch Tapping Technique

Now we will go to the meditation:

Close your eyes

And then Tap, Tap, Tap

1, Feel it

2, Feel it

3, Feel it

You have to feel it. You will see tremendous amount of vibration all around the Brow Chakra

1, Feel it

2, Feel it

3, Feel it

1, Feel it

2, Feel it

3, Feel it

Keep feeling it.

You can sit in this position for a few minutes so that you can get the full benefit of this meditation

God Bless

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