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The Frontal Lobe is Conflict

This part of the brain, the forehead, which is the Frontal Lobe, which I said yesterday, very precisely, that the Frontal Lobe is conflict. And the midbrain is resolution. But someone may say that the Frontal Lobe also gives a resolution. Yes! A monkey resolution. And the resolution will change.

Midbrain Gives Miraculous Resolution

Whatever you get through the midbrain is a fantastic resolution. A miraculous resolution! That’s why it’s very important to go to the midbrain, which is the primitive brain. Unfortunately, it’s called the primitive brain.

That’s where you can change your life dramatically. And that’s the purpose of this, this midbrain tap program.

Preparation for Midbrain Mind Tapping

Now, let’s go and review whatever we have done. I have almost perfected it. But perfection is itself a relative term. But at least, relatively, I have perfected it.

Now, you just put your hand like this [places right hand flat across forehead] and you will see that the five fingers completely occupy the forehead area.

Each Finger is a Point and Different Energy

Each finger represents a point. Like, the pinkie when it ends, the pinkie is one point. And the ring finger is another point. And the middle finger is another point. And then, the index finger is another point. So, there are five points which we have to tap.

And then, each finger has a different energy.

So, I will start that and this we will call as ‘Level One.”

Level One is to use the pinkie to tap, tap, tap, tap. And then it goes right here in between the two eyebrows.

And let me take my, lower my glasses, here, right here. And this is the pinkie spot. And then this is where we tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.

Level One Midbrain Mind Tapping Technique

And let’s start the technique.

Focus attention on the pinkie — the whole pinkie. And then tap. One. Feel it.

Two. Feel it.

Three. Feel it.

Again. One. Feel it.

Two. Feel it.

Three. Feel it.

Pinkie = Friendliness

You have to feel the pinkie, the finger itself, which represents friendliness. Feel that and always feel the Root Chakra too, while we do that.

Now we are going to do it again.

Feel the pinkie. Love. Think of Friendly Love.

And then go and touch. One. Feel it.

Feel the Root Chakra.

Feel the part that you are touching in between the eyebrows.

Feel the pinkie.

And Feel the Brain being filled with Love and Light.

One. Feel. Two. Feel. When I say ‘Feel’, feel the Root Chakra, the Brow Chakra, the pinkie, and light and love filling the brain.

Again. One. Feel.

Two. Feel.

Three. Feel. Keep Feeling it.

You can stay in this state for however long you want with the brain filled with love and light.

God Bless

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