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Feel the Brain Exploding with Energy

We were practicing Tapping with the Pinkie. So I want to give you some additional information. I have formalized it now. First, you Tap with the Pinkie, then you remember the Pinkie, you remember Friendliness that the Pinkie represents, and also you remember the Root Chakra, and then you feel every time you Tap, you feel the brain exploding with energy.

So that’s what we practiced, and then there are two types of Tapping that we are to keep in mind. One is Tapping with the Pinkie, and then I said: “Tap, Feel all of the areas:  the Root Chakra, the Top of the Brain, and Friendliness, and then feel it, and then again Tap it. Then what you do, this is new, go on Tapping, Tapping, Tapping… fast, as fast as you can, and then stop. And then stop, and then feel. So that’s what we are going to do.

MidBrain Tapping Technique Level 1

Close your eyes.

Go and touch.

When you touch the Brow Chakra in between the two eye brows, feel the Pinkie.

Feel Friendliness.

Feel the Brow Chakra.

Feel the Root Chakra.

And feel the brain exploding with energy of Friendliness.

Now you do it slowly, up to let’s say 5.

One, feel the Pinkie, Friendliness.

Feel the Brow Chakra.

Feel the Root Chakra.

Feel the brain exploding with energy.

Tap again, but you remember all of the points.

I’m going to go and do it again.




Feel all of the parts: the Pinkie, the Brow Chakra, the Root Chakra, the brain.

Now I am going to move the Pinkie, Tapping the place, the 4 places in the forehead, the 4 places representing the 4 fingers that I showed you the other day.

One, Two, Three.

Now whenever I am Touching, you have to feel it.


And then with the Pinkie, go on Tapping fast.

While I am Tapping fast then you have to remember the points:

The Pinkie, all of the time you should be also be thinking about the Brow Chakra, and the Root Chakra, and the brain exploding.

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap…. And go up.

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap…Tap it hard.

Feel it.

Now I will perfect this technique, which is Level 1, tomorrow.

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