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Life is Experience

Life is experience and happenings against Time. Time passes by and that is life, and this is true for everyone, but then what happens to most people is Time moves very slow, and then also doesn’t produce a lot of changes. What can you do?

Change the Concept of Time

You have to do two things: One is to change the concept of Time. We have a certain concept of Time which is based on reason, sequence. You know, you expect certain things to certain logic, you don’t look forward for surprises because there is a certainty involved in it. For instance, you get paid a monthly, and then every year you grow old one by one more year of age.  The president is elected every five years, once in five years, and things like that. That is true for everyone. This is the concept of Time. We have to change that.

Accelerate Time by Going into the Midbrain

And then the acceleration of Time. That is very important. How can you do that? All can be done… these two, particularly these two things can be done by going into the MidBrain.

Because this logic, the logic of Time, and the progression of Time, sequence of Time, they are all here in the cortex area, particularly in the Frontal Lobe. So how can you do that? There is a part of the brain that can bypass your concept of Time, that can bypass your slow moving Time, and accelerate it so that you can see instant changes. That’s why this technique that we are doing is so needed at this point of Time to have a break so that we can experience changes sooner rather than later.

MidBrain Tapping Technique

Now let’s do the technique.

Let’s remember:

Tap. Tap. Feel.

Tap. Feel.

Tap. Feel.


Now, still tapping at the Brow Chakra in between the two eyebrows, feel.

Tap. Feel.

Now move upwards.

Tap. Feel.

Tap. Feel.

Tap. Feel.

Tap. Feel.

Now feel the line that starts from the Brow Chakra in between the two eyebrows and going upwards, and also feel the entire brain exploding with Energy.

And stay in that condition as long as you want.

God Bless

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