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Why Put Your Attention on the Midbrain?

Why am I asking you to put your attention all the time, whether you are doing a sit-down meditation, or even in waking consciousness and doing other things at work, you are required to put attention in this spot: the top of the nose exactly like this and then go to the top of the brain, and what’s the purpose?

The purpose is, this entire region, the forehead is a very important place as far as the brain is concerned. Likewise, the frontal lobe where there is self-actualization, your identity and decision making are all happening in the two hemispheres of the frontal lobe.

The Frontal Lobes Are Very Important, but the Midbrain is Most Important

The right frontal and the left frontal [lobes], they are different in terms of personality but both of them are very important. But then I’m asking you to go, not into either of the frontal lobes, but just go into the Midbrain area.

So I told you that the MidBrain is the most important one. There are some videos, you know, that are available on the YouTube. You can watch that on the MidBrain.

The Midbrain is like a Remote Control

So it’s like a Remote Control; ‘Thought Manifestation’ takes place there. In fact, this particular meditation of focusing on the MidBrain, going from the brow chakra to the crown chakra, is the Ultimate Meditation.

Take the Express Elevator with the Highest Technique!

You are really very fortunate to start, even at the very start, with the Highest Technique. There is no technique higher than this. This is THE highest technique, because we don’t want to waste time.  Why, go taking steps when you can take the elevator, the Express Elevator! It’s an Express Elevator!

Dr. Pillai Requests Your Feedback

So, I want you to give me feedback. How it goes. It is a very, very simple technique. You know, it’s not difficult at all.

As we go along and I will tell you why it is significant, and I want you to gain some experience, and I really need some feedback on this. Most of the time that we will be doing this and every time that I talk to you, I will give you additional information on this.

God Bless.

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