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I’m Alive Again

I’m alive again after being dead for 2 days. You know what I mean, that for two days, you only got to watch the recorded message, and today I am live. It’s not simply just a sense of humor, but it is real in the sense that every second, or even a fraction of a second has a tremendous amount of intelligence and energy. And that’s what I am trying to…I just remembered that I am far away from the iPad and that I needed to speak up, and I will find a way soon how to improve my audio.

Current CEO of Apple Visits Temple in India

Now, today I thought I would talk about what just happened in India. It’s something fantastic. I have talked about previously, I don’t know with you or with another audience, that what made Steve Jobs, and this guy Ramanujan, “The Scientist Who Knew Infinity,” whose movie is playing now, and also Zuckerberg of Facebook, famous is that they visited a Temple in India. And now you want to know something new? A few days ago, 3 days ago, Tim Cook, I think that’s his name, the CEO of Apple, went to a Ganesha Temple in Mumbai.

I have several stories to tell about the Temple going back at least 30 years when I first visited the Temple, and I never visited the Temple afterward. It’s all about the power in that Temple. The one that I am referring to is the Ganesha Temple in Mumbai, and that’s supported by all of the business people, mostly the business people in Mumbai. And I have mentioned earlier that a certain energy, a supernormal energy, is powerful at a certain time period, and this is Ganesha’s period, and I have been talking about it for the past two years, and there are a lot of videos that you may want to watch.

Technique to Activate Brain and Raise Kundalini

And I want to go back to the techniques that we have been practicing. And you know, just by tapping into this, and being aware of this spot, spots just will do that. I want every session to be an experience. Just close your eyes, and then just tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. As I begin to tap, I experience personally, my Kundalini rising up from my Base Chakra, and then going into the Brain. How many seconds? A few seconds, and that’s all that we need. You can open your eyes. You can remember these few seconds.

Go to Theta and Delta State in Seconds

We are living in an age of microwaves, and not cooking with wood and fire, you know, kerosene, and all of that is gone, and we are even getting better as we go along. So within a few seconds, you can get into say a Theta state, and a Delta state.

The One Minute Guide Prosperity and Enlightenment

And many years ago I just published a book, because this was a student of mine at that time, and she insisted that I should write a book. I said: ”Every moment is new, I am changing.” But I did anyway publish a book, and this is called “The One Minute Guide to Prosperity & Enlightenment Meditation.” You only need to meditate for one minute.

I never wanted to promote it, although it is still on the Pillai Center Store, and I recommend that book, but I told them don’t publish it, don’t print it any more. But I found out that there are still a couple of hundred copies available, and I want you to read that book. Just all that you want in your life is just contained in this, how many pages; it’s 75 pages. I think that even that is, in my opinion, many pages. All that can be done can be summarized, in one paragraph. All that you need is the technique. And how long do you need to practice it? Just this, this, this, and then even though your mind is in the marketplace, and then you are not focusing attention, it will still work.

It’s Not Simply Theory

And I want to tell you about something: “Where did I get these techniques from?” Of course in my Ph.D. dissertation, I did discuss a lot of things, but it’s all again theory. But the actual thing came, this is me sitting on a hilltop in India after my Ph.D. I went there trying to discover things. This is 2000 year, and this is another picture of mine. Hopefully, I am showing it right, it’s in Sedona. So what I am talking about is not simply theory. I have experienced everything.

Guru Purnima Bootcamp in San Diego

This is what I am going to do when you have a four or five days’ seminar, every part of here corresponds to a different part of the brain, and then it will activate you. And everything is dependent on how good or bad our brain works. So the most important thing is the practice. So practice it. So I’ll be alive again tomorrow.

God Bless

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