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Brain Training Occurs With ‘MidBrain Watch’

For our Subconscious Mind Training Tapping, I have come up with a name for this exercise. I don’t want to call it as just tapping but it’s rather watching your forehead, or your Midbrain. Midbrain Watch would be a proper name for that.

Let’s start with the practice, and before I do, I just want to let you know why we do the practice. We do the practice to change our concept of time.

Slow Time

We relate to time only in a very gross form. Let me give you a very graphic, mundane example. We are able to grasp our concept of time in terms of say a month. Like in a month, after working for 30 days you will get paid. But you cannot conceive of a time that you can get paid in seconds. So we need to have a concept of time that’s very fast moving.

This exercise will help you with that because the brain is a very sensitive organ. It processes Gamma Rays, the senses can’t do that, and especially this area forehead is associated with Time Jumping.

Time Jumping

Time Jumping is another course that I have done, and it’s available for a lot of free videos that I have done on the Time Jumping.

So we are not only going to time jump, but we are also going to space jump because time and space are related. So just… don’t think that you are not going to produce any dramatic results within say a minute, or 30 seconds, 30 seconds is a long time. There is not time for me to talk about that, I have talked about it elsewhere.

Now you can produce results. You can produce results within 1 minute.

One Minute Meditation:

I have a 1 minute meditation also. Those of you who… there are many versions of it I have produced, and they are also available in my YouTube for free. And now this is a technique that I have recently come up with, so this is part of my new teaching.

~ Close your eyes and then touch your Brow Chakra that is the point in between

the two eyebrows with your ring finger

~ 3  x’s you tap

~ 1 and then feel, 2 feel, 3 feel

~ We are going to do it 9 x’s, so 3 in each segment

~ (1st Set) 1 feel, 2 feel, 3 feel

~ The 2nd Set: 1 feel, 2 feel, 3 feel

~ The 3rd Set: 1 feel, 2 feel, 3 feel

~ Keep feeling, keep concentrating in between the two eyebrows

~ Now you can open your eyes

I’ll see you tomorrow and give you more instructions

God Bless

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