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Indian Time Metrics

Today, I am going to talk about a concept called Truti in Sanskrit, and if you want to know more about it, go to Indian Time Metrics in Google and then you will find out.

What is Truti?

Truti is 3 million 240 thousandths of a second. Okay? Can you conceive of 3 millionth? Even 3 millionth division of a second? The reason why I am saying this is because I feel some of you are thinking that, ‘What is going to happen just by doing this tapping on the forehead for a few seconds?”

In a few seconds, you can accomplish a lot. And this division of time, Truti – which is 3 million 240 thousandths of a second — was conceived by the Yogis.  And they said that you have to finish a Mantra within that [period of] time.

One Minute Meditation

That’s why I put out this “One Minute Meditation” 10 or 15 years ago, and within one minute, you have to do a number of syllables, 5 or 6 syllables.

And then I reduced it to one syllable.

Phonemic Intelligence

And then now I want you to look at my teachings on Phonemic Intelligence. One phoneme is enough. I’ve done a lot of research on that. Currently, I’m doing an FMRI study on some of the single phonemes, like AH, EE, II, and then you can see the signatures in the brain — it’s amazing.

Earlier on, I did research with the Brain Science International, and that’s an EEG study. That [study] showed great results, but people said it is not science, ‘Brain Wave studies’, ‘You have to do FMRI studies.’ That’s why I am doing that now.

You are Getting Results Regardless

So, don’t feel that you are not spending enough time to get results.  You are getting results regardless, whether you believe it or not.

If you have a machine in front of you, even an EEG machine, you will know that.

Midbrain Watch Tapping Technique

Now, let’s go and do the technique, and then you remember that you are going to tap, tap, tap. Yesterday, I introduced you three times: tap, tap, tap, and then three, another three times. And every time you tap, you are going to feel it. You are going to do that.

Now, close your eyes.

And tap, tap, tap at the Brow Chakra, in between the two eyebrows.

[Taps once] One. Feel it! [Taps once] Two. Feel it. [Taps once] Three. Feel it.

[Taps once] One. Feel it! [Taps once] Two. Feel it. [Taps once] Three. Feel it.

[Taps once] One. Feel it! [Taps once] Two. Feel it. [Taps once] Three. Feel it.

Keep feeling it.

That’s all you have to do

It’s a very, very simple technique. But you will get more results than people who sit and meditate and fight with their thoughts, and then get nowhere.

And you can do it in any part of the day.

As I have said, always remember this area [taps between eyebrows], the Brow Chakra, and all of the forehead, all throughout the day.

You will have phenomenal results.

God Bless.

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