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For the next month, the Sun will be transiting his own fiery sign of Leo. The King is at home in his castle, where he feels comfortable and can express his highest qualities. The Sun, representing your soul, father, King, super-intelligence, and royalty consciousness, illuminates Leo from August 16 to September 16, 2014.

Feel the shift in consciousness as the Sun lights up the 5th house of the zodiac, which relates to God, children, creativity, projects, mantras, spiritual practice, speculation and intelligence. Even romance, luck and business are 5th house significations. The 5th house can show us the things we love the most.

For the next month, expect new possibilities to flow into your life. Embrace purposefulness and leadership, confidence and abundance.

How can you be royal in your life today?

Remember, royalty consciousness includes a high self esteem, abundance, and serving others. The Sun shines the same on a king as on a beggar. Do something to be more royal. One example is to wear beautiful clothes.

Empower yourself with the Sun’s supreme energy and intelligence by chanting the Gayathri Mantra–especially on Sundays and any day at sunrise, sunset, or Sun horas.





Listen to Dr. Pillai chant this important mantra for energy, enlightenment & power: Click Here.

Krishna’s Birthday

Sunday, August 17th was Krishna’s Birthday. Radha and Krishna represent Heaven on Planet Earth–perfect health, perfect loving relationships, perfect prosperity and abundance, and perfect spirituality. In the Radha Krishna paradigm there is absolutely no sorrow or suffering!

Enjoy watching a beautiful YouTube video of the Radha Krishna mantra: Jai Jai Radha Ramana Hari Bol. Click Here to View.

The enchanting sounds and images will put you into a beautiful state of mind. Raise your hands, sing, and dance along with the divine couple as you experience beauty, love, pleasure, wealth, and bliss!

Love & Light, Radha

Sundays with Sucharita Support Team


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