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Learn how to connect with the Sun in Aries during the Vedic New Year to improve your life spiritually, physically, and materially.




What does the Sun, this massive life-giving celestial body, have to do with Ganesha—a joyful, undoubtedly cute and exceptionally brainy elephant?

According to Dr. Pillai, everything. In fact, as the Sun moves into his strongest astrological position in the sky—Aries, his exaltation spot—ushers in the new Vedic year that will see Ganesha as the main protagonist in “a very important role,” said Dr. Pillai. This cosmic event will play out in the sidereal zodiac on April 13, 2020, possibly marking the most significant year of your life, when even skeptics will suddenly realize the existence of invisible yet powerful beings.

Ganesha has no rivals—he controls the Ganas—or the beings in the Angelic realm. He will soon step up his presence on this planet to assist you in your evolution and purpose. But more importantly—the elephant-headed angel will make your life easier! The Sun represents your higher self, your soul, your personality and ego, and your appearance to the world. A connection to the Sun’s cosmic energy and power can yield numerous benefits. 

Here are five ways your life is about to change thanks to the Sun in Aries and Ganesha:

1. Relief from pain

You might have suffered in silence thinking yourself alone in the cosmos—a common perception in our tri-dimensional world, but an exalted Sun in Aries will pulverize your hesitation. Come out of self-inflicted isolation and get back your self-trust, self-reliance, and self-esteem.

You will be the royal in your life.

New projects will take off faster! And, auspicious beginnings lead to fortunate outcomes, declare the Vedic seers. Just remember to invoke Ganesha with his obstacle-busting sounds before starting anything new: OM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA (108 or 27 times)

2. Help in selecting your goals

Do you ever feel your goals have settled below your true potential? Many fear that by setting goals too high they’ll meet with disappointment, but that is not true. Dr. Pillai and the Tamil Siddha tradition define thoughts as the origins of matter, so you can experience your thoughts in 3D.

With this in mind, why not select only outrageous thoughts?

The Sun in Aries is not shy—his intelligent rays are already working on significant parts of your brain and enhancing their functions. You’ll be fearless in identifying your most ambitious goals and you’ll proceed to implement them, too.

3. The return of fun1

Who says that life must be all work and no play? By making Ganesha your ally, you will acquire some of his least known yet desirable qualities. You’ll dance, you’ll play and still get your job done. In fact, Ganesha is a graceful and gifted dancer. Despite being an embodiment of highest wisdom (who even contributed to the compilation of the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of India) this God can appreciate a good joke.

When you acquire Ganesha’s intelligence and consciousness by meditating on him, you’ll find him coy and childlike—but children have wisdom too. Also by finding quick solutions to problems and working at divine speed, you can free up a lot of time to do more of the things you love: perhaps traveling, walking in a forest preserve, making artistic creations or truly talking and connecting more deeply with your loved ones and friends.

4. Recognition for your work

We take for granted that people on earth must work for a living. Whether you love it or feel like you’ve been set up for slavery, the result is the same—you spend much of your time at work and you hope for recognition, but no one wants to feel like a victim. Both the Sun in Aries and Ganesha can bring you acknowledgments and even honors—because you deserve it.

Is this an over-promise? No. On the one hand, Ganesha can vindicate you if you’ve been the target of disrespect or insult—and can turn aggressive and mighty as he gives the perpetrators a tough lesson. On the other hand, the Sun is kingly—respect and recognition are fruits of higher intelligence, self-respect, and self-worth.

In other words, as you remember your divine, royal origins, others will treat you differently and recognize your unique contributions. Just remember that others deserve to be acknowledged, too.

5. Experience pleasure

Your divine heritage entitles you to live on this abundant planet and enjoying it (without exploiting it, of course). As the Sun in Aries raises your consciousness at this time, you’ll realize that you came here to do some work, experience your incarnation and celebrate it.

Needless to say, we shouldn’t get lost in a sea of sensual experiences or we risk wasting our energy and neglecting the main truth—we don’t truly belong here but in the world of spirit. As Jesus said, you must be “in this world, but not of this world.”

A royal Sun in Aries along with your best ally Ganesha can take you to great heights of bliss and heightened experience in both the material and the spiritual planes.

Open yourself to their positive influence by meditating on their images and sounds.

The Sun can be accessed with OM SURYAYA NAMAHA (108 times).

Ganesha responds quickly to OM GUM (108 or 27 times).

Sponsoring Fire Labs to the Sun and Ganesha are the fastest way to obtain major miracles in your career, relationship, health, and spiritual evolution. Such is the power of the Sun coupled with a multifaceted intervention from the elephant-headed Archetype Ganesha.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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