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“Ganesha means the King of the Angels. Ganesha earned this job through virtue of his super-intelligence and ability to produce results instantaneously.”

– Dr. Pillai

Acquire the Power to Do it All

The Vedic New Year is April 14th, and Dr. Pillai announced that this will be the year of Ganesha.

Access the God of Intelligence and His power to know and do anything through new teachings channeled by Dr. Pillai.

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Dear Students,

This upcoming New Year is very important for the entire world. What is going to happen? People are going to recognize invisible forces and alien life coming down.

This is not a new phenomenon. The Yogis and Siddhas and Rishis in India were dealing with aliens… and called them Gods and Goddesses.

They are powerful only at a certain time, and some of them have sort of retired.

One that is becoming more active, and will be active through this year and after, is the elephant-headed God, Ganesha.

He is going to take over and help people to improve their intelligence, because he is primarily the God of Intelligence. He’s the master of the mind-principle.

He is going to give us a life that is a lot better than what we can conceive of, living with modern science and technology.

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The King of Angels Descends April 14thGanesha Head isolated

Dr. Pillai has shared new revelations direct from Ganesha: this upcoming Astrological New Year on April 14th marks the beginning of the Year of Ganesha, King of Angels. Dr. Pillai is revealing a new technique and current teachings through a special initiation program, including:

  • “Ganesha Descending Initiation Webcast”
  • Ganesha “Knowing & Doing Everything” Program
  • Group Sun Fire Lab & Light Ritual at Sun Powerspot
  • Gayatri Mantra Download
  • Personal Ganesha Fire Labs
  • 12 Weekly Community Coaching Calls

Receive mantra initiation and access to a 90-Day Course channeled by Dr. Pillai from Ganesha directly.

Click Play to ViewYT Ganesha Descending March 14 a

Stay current with Dr. Pillai’s most recent revelations and download a free mantra to begin accessing Ganesha’s powers now.

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“Ganesha means the King of the Angels. Ganesha earned this job through virtue of his super intelligence and ability to produce results instantaneously.”

– Dr. Pillai

Select from one of three different packages for initiation, empowerment, and support to access the power of Ganesha in the most profound way.

The “King of Angels” Descends

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