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“Together we are all going to create a new ‘Golden Age’ that will put an end to aging, suffering, poverty. All these things should be completely erased.” If more and more people can participate, we can create the amount of positive energy needed to make this possible.

– Dr. Pillai

Free Guidance to Start Your Journey

“How do I start my own practice” and “Where do I begin” are the most common questions we receive.

To answer these and more, Pillai Center recently gave free guidance on choosing the mantras and tools that are right for you.

Scroll down to learn how to begin your personal transformation

Dear Students,

It’s not your Ph.D. or M.D. that is going to give you the success you need. It is something beyond your academic and professional training that lies deep down in your Midbrain.

Unfortunately, we don’t use our midbrain. It is underused, or not at all used, and the Midbrain is the source of effortless creation.

What you can conceptualize is only a limited reality. If you are to be extraordinary, you have to be non-conceptual.

The conceptual mind is the Neocortex. The non-conceptual brain is the Midbrain.

In the “Golden Age”, we are going to understand more and more, and bring the Midbrain into our awareness. Once that is done, life becomes easy.

Miracles are not in the realms of Gods and Goddesses, Gurus and so forth. The Midbrain is within you.

It is just because it is not active. You are using the negative brain, the Neocortex, which doesn’t allow for financial freedom, or relationships, or health.

All of these areas need miracles, and you can create these miracles.

Free Guidance for a Successful Spiritual Practice

New and existing students alike will benefit from Pillai Center’s presentation on Life Solutions and Personal Transformation. Watch the free replay of the Personal Transformation Webinar to learn Dr. Pillai’s simple approach to creating a successful spiritual practice:

  1. Know Your Goalmantra
  2. Learn Your Mantra
  3. How to Use Your Mantra
  4. Tips for Success
  5. How to Get the Divine Support You Need


Not sure where to begin with Dr. Pillai’s teachings? With a growing library of programs to choose from, we present the top recommendations to begin your miraculous transformation.

Lifetime Divine Support from Pillai Center Academy…


Ultimate Wealth Solutions

Based on Dr. Pillai’s most current teachings on Shreem Brzee, the course to shift your money consciousness.

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Midbrain Miracle Method

A premium 3-month course, consolidated into a self-paced, accessible curriculum for activating Midbrain miracles.

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Light Body Activation

Based on Light Body Program teachings, this intensely focused course takes your spirituality and intuition to the next level.

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New You

Mantras, techniques, and technology aimed purely at karma-removal, at a highly affordable price.

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