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In my earlier video on Ganesha I explained the significance of Ganesha’s elephant head, which is responsible for his super-human intelligence. In this video clip I want to talk about one of the important characteristics associated with Ganesha, and that is his ability to do things instantaneously.

~Dr. Pillai

We Want Everything Fast

That’s what we want to do, especially living in the contemporary 21st century. We want everything fast: fast computer, fast travel, fast email, everything fast.

Ganesha is Fast

So Ganesha is the fastest. So if you want to know the technology of doing things very fast, faster than what science can imagine, you have to go to Ganesha.

How Fast is Ganesha?

I’ll tell you the story of Ganesha and how he came to write, be the scribe for the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata was dictated by Vyasa, and Ganesha was the scribe. The condition was that Vyasa had to be fast enough because Ganesha would go at a tremendous speed. What this implies is he is very, very fast. So if you know the Mahabharata, you’ll understand the text is very complex. Only a person like Ganesha could put it down in writing, and he has to be very fast too. So that story signifies how fast Ganesha is. That’s one story.

Another Example of Ganesha’s Abilities

There is another episode in which Ganesha’s ability to do things fast comes up, and that is once Siva gave a mango fruit. The fruit was given to him by Narada, the celestial, wandering saint. It was a special mango fruit, and Siva decided to give it to the one person, between the two of his sons, which is Muruga, Subramanya, and Ganesha on the other hand. Ganesha was the oldest.

Now, Siva told: “Look, any one of you who goes around this universe and then comes to me fast will receive this mango.” Subramanya has his peacock as his transportation, so he jumps on the transport vehicle and then goes around the world, and it takes a few days for him to come back.

Ganesha is a Master of Shortcuts

But Ganesha decided that there is a better way to go around the world, that being to go around Siva, because Siva is the universe. So he went around Siva and Parvati, and asked for the fruit. Siva said, “How come?” [Ganesha]: “Because you wanted me to go around the universe. You and Mom are the supreme God and Goddess of the universe. So by going around you, I have finished going around the world.” So Siva could not argue, so he gave the fruit to Ganesha.

Stop Looking Outside of God

Now the story has a tremendous amount of significance. Don’t go about learning things outside God. God can give you everything. So instead of going around God, we are going everywhere, and that’s why nothing gets done, and then we get old and die. So this is another important episode that proves the super-intelligence of Ganesha and also the super-fast ability to do things.

Connect with Ganesha to Acquire His Superpowers

By establishing contact with Ganesha, you will be able to be super-intelligent, and also be super-fast. The rituals and meditations to Ganesha are key to acquire these special powers.

God Bless.

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