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On the first part of the video on Ganesha and Fast Track, I gave the mythological version pertaining to Ganesha’s ability to be super-intelligent, and also to be super-fast. Now I want to give you this scientific explanation of what I have given in the first part. The first part is only just the mythological story.

~Dr. Pillai

What Gives Ganesha His Superpowers?

And how is Ganesha able to do this? How is he being able to be super-intelligent? He has, as I mentioned in the first video of this series, he has the elephant head. The elephants and the humans share a very special neuron. It was very recently that the scientists all found out that elephants also have this neuron called “Von Economo Neuron” named after the person who found this neuron, Von Economo.

The Von Economo Neuron

This Von Economo Neuron is a very special neuron to solve problems. Very, very difficult problems can be solved by this neuron. It is a spindle-shaped neuron, the soma, or the bulb of the cell body, and then an axon going up, and in the opposite direction is a dendrite. It’s a very special type of neuron, found only in the humans, and also in apes, elephants, and monkeys.

What is the Von Economo Neuron’s Purpose?

What does this neuron do? The neuron has the ability of solving difficult problems, or finding out the error when you have to make a decision. It is the neuron that helps you to do that. That’s why, initially, scientists thought it was only in the humans where it is found. But then they found that the elephants have that neuron, abundantly.

The Elephant’s Brain is Similar to the Human Brain

And that the elephant’s brain is also designed very similar, as far as the neocortex is concerned, for the cognitive perception, like the human beings. And elephants have also a bigger hippocampus, and that is very significant. So Siva decided to give the elephant head for Ganesha for a reason. He wanted the son to be super-intelligent, because he’s going to be the Army Chief, not only a human Army Chief, but also a Chief for his Divine Army. So where does that intelligence come to Siva? From this particular neuron.

Elephant Cognition

There are so many aspects of the brain of the elephant that have come under scrutiny and research in recent times. I want you to look at a Wikipedia entry on elephant cognition. You’ll be amazed to see how powerful are the elephants.

The Elephant Head of Ganesha is Full of Meaning

So worshipping Ganesha for his elephant status is not just a superstition. It is full of meaning, provided if you understand how you can benefit from it. Just the contemplation of the elephant head of Ganesha will give you a tremendous amount of mind power. So this upcoming Ganesha (Chaturthy) is an important time where you can invoke him, because that is the day where his energy is abundantly available on the Earth plane.

God bless.


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