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The build-up of Ganesha’s energy that will soon be culminating on April 13th is SO palpable right now.

I have been having experience after experience, and miracle after miracle, having embraced and integrated Dr. Pillai’s newest Ganesha teachings into my daily practice.

  • He’s been showing me all kinds of shortcuts.
  • He’s been removing obstacles left and right.
  • He’s taken my meditation and bliss to the next level.
  • And he’s been downloading profound information into my consciousness EVERY DAY.

This is real.ganesha

How can you have this experience? All you have to do is meet him halfway.

This is where the “Get to Know Ganesha” webinar comes in…

We share an abundant amount of information about Ganesha, his technology, meditation, mantra, mythotherapy, daily practice, and more to help you benefit from this absolutely one-of-a-kind archetype.


For ease of access…

Please find below the complete highlights with time codes.

  • 07:26 – Webinar Overview
  • 10:22 – Who is Ganesha?
  • 12:52 – What Ganesha can do for you
  • 15:08 – 4 Ways to Connect with Ganesha from Dr. Pillai
  • 15:54 – Learn about Ganesha’s “seed sound” and how it works
  • 17:38 – Hear Ganesha Mantra recording by Dr. Pillai
  • 18:14 – How to connect with Ganesha’s archetype through “mythotherapy”
  • 20:27 – 4 tools to invoke Ganesha through spiritual technology (rituals)
  • 21:06 – Powertimes to access Ganesha and how to use them
  • 22:46 – How to use Durva (Ganesha) Grass to connect with Ganesha
  • 24:07 – The Mango and Ganesha: How to use to connect with Ganesha
  • 25:15 – Ganesha’s Coconut Smashing technology
  • 26:04 – Pillai’s coconut smashing visualization meditation
  • 27:35 – Where you can find Dr. Pillai’s meditations on Ganesha
  • 29:20 – Ganesha Meditation Audio + Video from Dr. Pillai
  • 34:20 – A suggested daily practice to bring Ganesha into your life
  • 37:53 – Why is Ganesha important NOW (for 2016)?
  • 39:23 – The Year of Ganesha and Significance of the Vedic New Year
  • 40:52 – 5 FREE tools you can download/use to take advantage of the Year of Ganesha
  • 42:25 – How to take your Ganesha practice to the next level
  • 44:11 – The Ganesha New Year Packages Breakdown
  • 46:07 – The Ganesha 3-Month Program Breakdown
  • 52:48 – Free “Thank You” Registration Gift (Valid until April 12)
  • 57:36 – Ganesha Q&A



When you reserve one of three Ganesha Descending Packages (Essentials, Enhanced, or Elite) you will receive a gift code for a FREE 10,008 proxy writing service of Ganesha’s mantra. It’s like a cherry on top of these already value-packed offerings.

Here’s to acquiring Ganesha Consciousness!

In the name of Ganesha,

Ryan Irving

Pillai Center Team Member


Select from one of three different packages for initiation, empowerment, and support to access the power of Ganesha in the most profound way.

The “King of Angels”Descends

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