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“The 14th Moon of Ganesha brings a lot of energy that affects the brain. It affects the body. It affects fortune and stops your misfortune as well.”

– Dr. Pillai

Are You Getting Ready for Ganesha’s Descent?ganesha descending ex

We’re doing all we can to prepare for Ganesha’s descent on the Astrological New Year, and want to be sure you have the information and tools you need as well.

Watch the “Get to Know Ganesha” Webinar replay for all you need to start or strengthen your practice, and learn how new revelations are bringing Ganesha closer than ever.

Scroll Down for Easy & Effective Ways to Connect with Ganesha on the Astrological New Year

Dear Students,

God is not respected in our times. People are frustrated with God, and so is God frustrated with human beings.

Humans want to find their own ego-centric, mind-based or intellect-based solutions, and never ask for God.

Gods of all traditions are frustrated because they want to help, but nobody will reach out to them because everybody is so fully absorbed in their own ego.

The ego says, I’ll figure it out through my own rationality.

Giving a problem to God to solve is taking a great risk and chance we are not willing to take.

We are not the only people around here on this earth plane. There are many, many beings around us. They are invisible because our eyes don’t have the ability to see them.

‘Ganas’ are a set of beings, like angels. The name ‘Gana Isha’ means ‘head’ or lord of these beings called ‘Ganas’.

They are very powerful, very intelligent, and can do tasks that human beings cannot ever accomplish, in a short period of time or instantaneously.

Ganesha is real; he’s a phenomenon. He lives. It is very important for people to understand that this is not part of a dead mythology. It is part of a living tradition, and there are ways and means of getting in touch with him.

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Have Obstacles Obliterated on the 14th Moon

“I’m very grateful to Ganesha for revealing this secret… The 14th Moon is more sacred than the 4th Moon for Ganesha. It can bring Ganesha to you.” – Dr. Pillai

In December, Dr. Pillai revealed the power of the 14th Moon for accessing Ganesha’s grace, and he gave students a new technique: the offering of Durva Grass (also called Bermuda Grass).

Take full advantage of this rare revelation with special Enhanced & Elite Astrological New Year offerings from Pillai Center and AstroVed, featuring the Ganesha 3-Month Program with:

  • 14th Moon Sound & Light Offerings at Ganesha Powerspot
  • 14th Moon Durva Grass offering at Ganesha Powerspot
  • 14th Moon Elephant Feeding at Ganesha Powerspot.

… and so much more with massive savings! Click this link for full package details.

Receive 90 days of Divine teachings, tools, & technology for creating a miraculous relationship with Ganesha.

FREE Webinar Replay: Get to Know Ganesha

The Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, on April 14th, ushering in the Astrological New Year. According to Dr. Pillai, this will be the start of Ganesha’s increased presence on the earth plane.

Set aside just 1.5 hours, and come away all you need to begin a daily practice that will lead to a living, miraculous relationship with the King of Angels. Pillai Center presents a comprehensive introduction to the first among all Divine Archetypes.

Learn how to have Ganesha:gtg webcast video replay

  • solve your problems
  • improve your personal relationships
  • condense time and remove delays
  • replace uncertainty with clarity
  • create shortcuts to success!

The webinar also includes a powerful meditation from Dr. Pillai for unlocking the power Ganesha’s mantra, and experiencing his presence in your daily life.

Watch the FREE replay and learn all about Ganesha, from his favorite offerings, to the profound benefits of “mytho-therapy”.


5 Reasons You’ll Get All You Ever Wanted

Stop everything you’ve been doing. Here’s serious help! These 5 reasons will keep you happy as the Sun moves into Aries.

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The “King of Angels”Descends

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