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What does exclusive mean to you? More time, freedom, shopping, traveling, luxury? Your taste is bound to change—and your need for happiness is also your birthright.

In a world that is constantly shape shifting, planets, too, are always moving and delivering surprising energetic vibes, both good and bad. We can’t stop them. We can’t stop the world either.

So here’s some help for you and you need not fret. In fact, with the following knowledge you could soon move into an exclusive circle, the one you’ve been dreaming of.

In April four out of nine planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Mercury—will be retrograding and big change is in the air.

At this time, you could lose heart or instead you could grab this unique opportunity to embrace the changes. We often forget that nothing good comes from sitting on past achievements, expired goals and attempted endeavors.

And even if all you want is a simple life without worries, you can use the following information to your advantage.

Retrograde planets act out-of-character and unpredictably. Knowing how to navigate their energy and making the best of their influence can turn your life from a dull, slow one to a happy and exciting one.

So here for you: three secret and—well-tested—techniques to joining the lucky ones who got prepared and made it big. You’ll also feel protected and supported while making the best of the upcoming opportunities.

Secret 1 – Coaching is for the rich and powerful

Did you know that the truly rich and powerful in the world understand the principle of change and make it work in their favor? They use both new and ancient tools for success and financial gains.

The first secret step to success for top CEOs in America is seeking expert advice and coaching—crucial to turning your okay finances into great wealth.

Why try to do it all alone when even executives from 500 Fortune companies hire coaches? What else would these powerful people need to learn?

Everything. Because What got you here, won’t get you there.” This advice (and title of his book) comes from Marshall Goldsmiththe number one top executive coach in America.

Here he explains a surprisingly simple yet powerful point: you must be willing to change, move on and choose a new strategy.

Remarkably, Goldsmith’s advice also reflects the vision of the Siddha yogis and Dr. Pillai.

By being alert and willing to flow with the changing conditions, you can move out of a rut, select new goals and experience the life of your dreams—which will stay out of reach until you do something different.

Dr. Pillai has personally instructed and trained some of the best coaches in the world, who are knowledgeable in Vedic and Siddha techniques for stopping pain, bettering your finances and choosing happy relationships. These great professionals are now available through both Pillai Center (www.Pillaicenter.com) and AstroVed (www.AstroVed.com).

Secret 2 – Spiritual solutions3

This secret is even more revealing. The rich and powerful employ spiritual tools—astrology to select the best times for action; meditation techniques to stay calm and seek the help of invisible divine beings; last but not least, they participate in powerful rituals.

Some tycoons and politicians are candid about their tools for success. Legendary J.P. Morgan’s famous quote is revelatory, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” Astrology works!

Ronald Reagan, former U.S. President, spoke candidly of meeting with an alien before running for president. His wife, Nancy Reagan, even changed the number of her home address to choose more powerful and auspicious digits for her house. This step reflected the teachings of Vedic numerology—one of the sister sciences of astrology.

Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women in the world, uses Eastern techniques for her regular meditation.

Here, a small warning is necessary.

Not all rituals are alike. To invoke Angels and pure divine beings is best to take scientific steps, from the Vedic or Siddha traditions, for example—arguably two of the most ancient and unbroken systems in the world, based on research and thousands of years’ worth of recorded data.

Taking matters into your hands and inventing your own rituals come with the risk of tapping into dangerous and unknown dark energy that can backfire.

Secret 3 – Fix it all

This is not something you’ll hear about in mainstream media. The planets can be appeased and their harmful influence defused, no matter which area of your life is now affected—health, relationship, money.

Dr. Pillai is not simply a Ph.D. scholar and researcher in human consciousness—he is first and foremost a yogi, who cultivates a connection with divine beings and planets.

He has a very special relationship with the Sun. This life-giving celestial body is a conscious and living being.

A new AstroVed program (AstroVed.com) conceived by Dr. Pillai and called Interactive Astrology to Fix Your planets and Fix Your Fortune, can remove obstacles and change any unwanted situations.

Quick Fix at Home

Invoke the Sun—planet of power, success, recognition and self-worth.

Recite the sounds OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times, possibly in a quiet place and on a Sunday. After, you can talk to the Sun and ask for evolution and more success for yourself and your loved ones.

Divine beings are reluctant to help if your intentions are just selfish—and when you include the benefit of everyone along with your request for personal gains, miracles happen.

More remedies:

The sounds to access the divine beings behind the retrograde planets are as below. You can recite them 108 or 27 times. Ask for miracles and they will respond depending on the intensity of your faith and trust.

  • For Jupiter: OM GURAVE NAMAHA
  • For Mercury: OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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