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Whether your spiel is in German, English or French, the way you deliver it can either lead you to success or failure.

Between June 14 and July 16, the Sun will be in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury where you just can’ t help it—you’ll talk, write, email, publish, post, edit, advertise, promote, upload and still feel you haven’t done enough.

The ancient Rishis and Jyotish (the science shedding light on your karma also known as Vedic astrology) tell us that the Sun in Gemini will help you concentrate much of your energy and personal power on your career and business.

Now your words and writings are going to help your profession or impede it—or something in between. 

So because you deserve success and recognition for the time, energy and talents you’ve put in, here for you: a little guide to achieving your goals and reaching the spot where the sky is the limit. And whether it’s your sales, public relations, marketing or publishing, let your true voice shine!

Avoid power struggles

The Indian scriptures tell us that the Sun represents our soul. This is the abode where the most evolved souls go after leaving their physical bodies.

The light of the Sun may feel harsh or cruel, because it often illuminates what we’d rather not see in ourselves, others and situations.

A positive Sun at birth gives you the capacity to assert your individuality without stepping on others’.

Your personal power need not be controlling and a bit more sacrifice and focus on working with your team will bring you better results when the Sun is in Gemini—the 3rd natural house of siblings, neighbors, peers, communication and short business trips.

The Sun in this area of the zodiac favors fast speech and if you’re alert, you’ll make the best of this energy.

What is your breaking news going to be?

Make sure that you use plenty of diplomacy and respect towards others to receive maximum cooperation from coworkers and clients.

The Sun also indicates help from the government, authority figures, VIPs, celebrities and politicians and you might find yourself corresponding or chatting with one or more of these powerful figures.

Always keep in mind that your soul would rather see you sacrifice yourself for the welfare of others—like a good king. Of course, self-preservation is important, too.

So for best results, you need to find the right balance between personal gain and service to others.

Your father’s legacyMiddle-Sun-in-Gemini-PC-blog

Because the Sun rules all father figures, your relationship with your own father will now become more communicative.

Your father’s legacy will also come to mind and you may incorporate some of those ideas in your work.

Freewheeling through research

Technology and research will now take the forefront in your life. How you use either will make or break a deal in your business or profession.

Mercury is now under the influence of both Mars and Saturn and speech may be imbued with harsh notes and duty may seem daunting.

Do your best to keep lightheartedness and curiosity—qualities of Mercury—guide you rather than a desire for power.

Let your creativity achieve your goals.

Vedic remedies

As usual, you don’t need to do everything alone. Tap into the time-tested techniques of the yogis for pacifying a negative planetary influence. Here are some tips:

  • On Sundays, recite the sounds (or mantra) OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times.
  • Pour water outside or on a balcony in the East direction. Pour it three times while reciting the above mantra.
  • Sponsor fire rituals—said to bring you favors from the Sun and Mercury and their respective overlords, Shiva and Vishnu. According to the Rishis, these powerful rituals will fix your finances and help you in your career.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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