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The Secret of Intelligence

I believe that The Divine sent me here to this earth plane for a definite mission. And what is that mission? That mission is to reveal the secret of intelligence. What is the secret of intelligence that I came to reveal to the world?

It is explained through this equation. S=I, Sound = Intelligence. You go on saying a particular sound, there are sounds… the sounds carry intelligence of different kinds, different sounds, different intelligence, and their permutation combinations.

Phonemic Intelligence

Now Phonemic Intelligence, the science that I have developed, explains this, or illustrates this concept that Phonemes, which are sounds, can give you intelligence. I developed so many modules. The first Core Technique is available under the name: “Phonemic Intelligence.”

Activate the Intelligence of the Midbrain

Now for our purpose, I am going to talk about the sound that can awaken, or activate the Midbrain, and that sound is called: “MMM.” If you chant “MMM” along the line that we have been tapping from the Brow Chakra upwards then it will help awaken the Midbrain.

Midbrain Tapping Technique

Let’s do it.

Let’s close our eyes.

Tap. Feel.  Tap. Feel. Tap. Feel.  Tap Feel.

Move up.

Tap. Feel.  Tap. Feel. Tap. Feel.  Tap. Feel.

Now visualize a Line of Light, a Ray of Light, along the line that we have been tapping,

and associate with that line, the sound: “MMM.”


Now you Visualize and Hum the sound

Feel that energy along the line

“MMM,” “MMM,” “MMM”

Keep Humming, and Feeling, and Visualizing

Let the Entire Brain explode with Energy

“MMM,” “MMM”

God Bless

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