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Have you recently experienced a shift? Likely, something like this: all of a sudden your work seemed rather tedious and you longed for an escape into a better world, not just for you, but for all. For a place where there’s no suffering and everyone enjoys a fair share of the world’s wealth.

Idealistic yet possible.

Now enter the Sun in Pisces: this luminous celestial body is bringing you a pronounced desire for deep and soulful contemplation.

However, your work schedule is also calling your name and you’re painfully aware of the looming bottom line.

But there’s no need to worry!

Actually, if your line of work belongs to a creative or artistic field, you’re in luck—because now staring at a tree, appreciating its beauty, discovering the nuances of the sky behind it and noticing scintillating dew drops on branches resembling tiny divine beings could actually become part of your success.

So, because stopping your imagination and mystical tendencies won’t be easy, here for you: three really easy steps to making it all work—the poetic with the practical, the selfless with the necessary. And you can also gain wealth—or even fame—through your creativity, hunches and prolonged time away from the crowds.

1. Creativity Springs from Silence

Admittedly, modern life is void of silence or enough time to indulge your imagination. Can you truly imagine a painting or write a poem while holding an animated conversation?

Probably not. The same goes for finalizing the steps of your business plan or jotting down your personal goals.

For that you need to go within and take time to observe what can’t fully be captured through the eyes.

When you spend time alone—even just one hour daily—you connect with the spiritual aspect of you that needs outer expression.

Then your creations will stem from the deepest part of your being—your soul.

Your work will be enhanced and you’ll hear a higher octave in the universe—this is the place where mystics and poets alike find inspiration and purpose.

Seeking a deeper connection with nature, animals and other humans is likely to be more profound and your efforts will blossom into a joyful creation.

2. Abstractions Turn into Profit

If you think that being a teacher, a government employee, a construction worker or a lawyer bans you from exploring your inner self, think again.

In fact, those who excel in any field often follow an inner calling—something that goes beyond the beaten path.

Imagination, too, helps progress and even technology must be conceived in the mind first.

Now your income or revenue can increase through abstract conceptions, while you make improvements in your life and give more meaning to even smaller tasks.

3. You’re Never Ever Alone1

In the past, you might have relied solely on your efforts and natural inclinations. It’s human.

But prayer and meditation can help you tap into your higher, divine brain.

The ego—the source of all our doubts, competitions and self-destructive tendencies—is subdued through spiritual means.

At that point you can invoke higher and more evolved entities that are available to you through prayers or Vedic rituals.

Currently, generous Jupiter—the ruler of Pisces—is not operating with his full splendor.

For some, this retrograde planet is now delaying creative projects, acquisition of wealth, matters regarding children and he’s receiving a considerable amount of negative energy. If that’s the case with you, read below.

Home remedies:

  • Chanting the mantra for the Sun—OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Sundays
  • Reciting the sound waves for Jupiter—OM GURAVE NAMAHA 108 times on Thursdays

By the Experts:

Vedic rituals involving fire and appropriate steps to contacting Divine Beings can appease a weak Sun to get better results in your career and finances.

Whether you’re among the fortunate participating in person or watching your sponsored fire ritual on your screen at home—results are usually astounding.

In fact, you’ll notice relief or a miracle within a day or two from the time of the ritual’s performance.

Enjoy the energies!


Lalitha Head Shot

Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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