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Sucharita is currently traveling around Varanasi, India, and she was not able to join the call on Sunday, March 20th due to unreliable phone access. We miss her and hope to catch up with her soon for a group meditation and discussion. We’ll keep you posted!
Today is the Spring Equinox and also a Pradosham. Take advantage of this day when Siva comes to the earth plane to dissolve your karma. Chant Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Shivayanama as you visualize blue light in your throat (and/or in all your body).
Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada
Roll a  coconut around your head, throat, shoulders, chest, and any part of the body that needs healing as you chant the karma-busting mantra. Then break it and throw it away. You could also use one or more lemons or limes. Pour liquids like water, milk, and juice over a siva linga around sunset as you chant. Pray to Lord Siva.
Tuesday, March 22nd will be the Panguni Uttiram Full Moon where you can enjoy divine blessings to strengthen and improve your relationships. Learn more at Astroved.
There will be a lunar eclipse on Wednesdy, March 23rd. The Astroved astrologers have given the following general advice for eclipses:
  • Avoid decision making on this day
  • Eat only vegetarian food
  • Do not get into any kind of argument with your mother
  • Abstain from sex
  • Eat your dinner after 7:00 PM (for people in residing in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines)
  • Meditate during eclipse time as it will be very powerful
  • Wear Pearls or Moonstone gems, Green Emeralds or Green Jade
Friday, March 25th is Good Friday. Saturn, the planet of discipline, compassion, and lessons of life, goes retrograde in Scorpio, the natural 8th house of transformation. Learn how Saturn’s retrograde movement could affect you on Astroved.
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