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There’s no denying this—your fears might escalate during this month-long (Nov. 16 – Dec. 15) transit of the Sun through Scorpio, a watery sign of Mars. But your opportunities for success will grow, too! Let’s see how.

A King and a Powerful Old Man

Two archetypal figures—the king, represented by the Sun and an old lame man, portraying Saturn—are currently occupying Scorpio, the natural house of deep transformation and inner quests along with secrets, chemistry and research.

These two conjoined planets have been linked since primordial times by a deep dislike for each other—Saturn creates obstacles and duties and reinforces strict rules, while the Sun represents the government and the human ego, in addition to the soul.

Despite some inevitable power struggles that will occur, this transit will provide plenty of opportunities for succeeding in your career, your job and studies.

You now have two main choices:

  1. Succumbing to disquieting feelings and work overload
  2. Making a small shift in your attitude that will result in your victory

Most likely you have chosen victory. So read on.

Become the Hero in Your Story

Between November 16 and December 16 you can delve deeply into yourself.

Make a short list of what you want to experience this month, perhaps:

  • A promotion
  • A career opportunity
  • A higher salary
  • Recognition from VIPs

All these can be yours now. In fact you’ll be far more self-disciplined than you’ve been in recent times.


Until November 29, the Sun will be in a more powerful position than Saturn, meaning that a well-placed Sun in Scorpio will make you more courageous and will favor you in research. If you are a surgeon or a medical student, this period will be useful for choosing your ideal work environment. Your hard work will eventually lead to success and recognition.

From November 29, when the Sun and Saturn will be at the same degree, you’ll need much self-control. Don’t shy away from work and you’ll be amply rewarded.

Ignore the Fear and Take the Victory Crown

Scorpio’s extreme sensitivity to perceived threats could make you jumpy between November 29 and December 16.

Here is a great revelation—when you ignore those fears, you’ll come out safe, victorious and with renewed mastery of yourself—traits that make up a powerful king.


Two levels of remedies will contribute to your success this month:

  • 108 daily repetitions of OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA (for Saturn) and 108 of OM SURYAYA NAMAHA (for the Sun).
  • A much more powerful solution can be found in fire rituals to the Sun and Saturn and their overlords, Shiva and Hanuman, respectively.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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