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We all love imagining the comforts of a new house and a new luxury car, but we feel disappointed when we don’t know how to change our financial situation.

If you’ve been struggling with money and don’t know how to make it all work with your current income, Dr. Pillai’s message is for you: he reveals a realm of riches for humanity through a simple shift in consciousness and some secret techniques.


“I have been thinking for a long time how to change the financial conditions of this world, where many people earn less than $2 a day.

Vishwamitra, an emperor in ancient India, has reached out to me on several occasions to fulfill his wish of ending humanity’s poverty through the sound Brzee.

Shreem Brzee Brings You Wealth and More

“I have added to Brzee the mantra of Lakshmi, Shreem.

Shreem must be redefined. It’s not simply for attaining money and gold—it will do that, but it must be seen also in terms of inner beauty and inner wealth.

“The mantra Shreem Brzee contains mercy, compassion, love and creation.2

“I know that Shreem Brzee will adapt itself to the new Era, the Golden Age. First you need money—Shreem Brzee and the techniques to take these sounds deeply into your consciousness will do that.


“Then we can also move from its materialistic connotation to a larger definition to include the qualities of compassion, mercy and beauty and achieve the ultimate wealth.

“So when you practice Shreem Brzee with my techniques, you’ll achieve your primary goal, because these sounds will bring you material wealth.

Shreem Brzee Brings You a Flawless and Meaningful Life

“But the greater wealth of consciousness will also bring you more understanding, more knowledge and capacity to see beyond matter.

“So Ultimate Wealth can bring you a 200-percent life: 100 percent material and 100 percent spiritual. This is a balanced approach to wealth and life.

Other Merits of Shreem Brzee

Shreem Brzee’s merit is in bringing you—in addition to money and gold—good physical, psychological and spiritual health. This is its permanent merit.

Shreem Brzee can also grant you a beautiful relationship because Shreem is a completely full mantra without any flaw. So there will be a flawless life. This is what the Golden Age promises us: a flawless life. God Bless.”

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