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We have just gone through Skanda Shashti (Six Days of Muruga), or the battle between the dark and the light. We are still feeling the effects of this conflict. We have a choice to hold on to these dark feelings or we can let them go and move on. We must be like the “Awakened Warrior” and fight the urges to fall into depression and negativity. And since we are entering into the winter months, this is a good time to clean up our spaces, internally, emotionally, emotionally and physically. This makes it easier to hear the messages from the Divine.

The doors of the Golden Age are opening up and a lot of energy is being released. This is all how it should be but can get overwhelming if we let it get out of balance. We have to neutralize all these energies and get into balance and we can do this by doing our spiritual practices on a daily, hourly and moment by moment basis. This is when we are present in the moment. This is when we receive the messages from the Divine.

Dr. Pillai helps us out by offering us mantras that trigger our higher selves or the gods that reside inside each of us. Dr. Pillai offers us all sorts of tool, techniques and teachings to make that connection with our higher selves. There are remedies by proxy, prayers and fire labs. Everything that Dr. Pillai offers has been energized and is extra powerful.

The upcoming 13th Moon is known as Soma Pradosham, as it falls on Monday, November 23rd (IST). Pradosham is a time for the removal of negative karma in the areas of health, finances and relationships. Soma Pradosham is effective for clearing afflictions of the Moon that can cause mental anguish. This is a window of opportunity to release and neutralize dark forces, memories and things that we have been tucking away in our consciousness. Read more about Soma Pradosham.

This Tuesday, November 24th is the full moon known as Karthigai Deepam. It will be a powerful time to experience the light of divine consciousness. The auspicious combination of the Full Moon in the month of Karthigai (November – December) and Pleiadian star Krittika allows the light of higher consciousness to enter into the world. This is a time to open the third eye. Learn more here.

The Awakened Warrior” program is still available from Pillai Center Academy. There are 6 powerful webcasts that Dr. Pillai has made with 6 initiations that are available forever, if you purchase it. You can connect with the energy of Lord Muruga and the Pleiadian energy at any time and this will inspire you to be something greater in your lives. Learn more here.

Thanksgiving is coming up in the U.S. this week and this is a great time to be thankful for everything in our lives. Remember, “Gratitude is the best attitude!”

Enjoy listening to this week’s Meditation and the lively Q&A Discussion.


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