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Have you been forgetting to count your blessings lately? Maybe you’ve been working nonstop until the early morning hours, but still have a nagging feeling that you haven’t done enough.

Don’t worry—you’re not alone in feeling this way and you’re absolutely right—it’s been a difficult time. But you don’t need to suffer anymore. Learn why.

The current state of things points to a powerful planet that can spoil the mood, arouse bitterness and deepen grief—Saturn. This planet of old age, maturity, service to the masses, overwork and deep pessimism has been in Scorpio—a sensitive sign ruled by Mars. Saturn has been in this natural house of sudden (and scary) changes for an entire year and he’s not leaving any time soon.

This is also a planet that comes with a caution tag: “Go Slowly.”

To make things worse, Saturn’s heavy influence is now affecting Jupiter, the planet of hope and expansion. Our lives have seemed a bit harder and soberness and dissatisfaction have been growing. Even good results from your hard work have taken longer to manifest.

I’m not a strategist. In fact I’m like most Jupiterians—those optimistic and impractical people who constantly look at the brighter side and bigger picture, but who also risk missing opportunities due to overoptimistic views and lack of strategic thinking.

When you put old Saturn on Jupiter’s case, life loses some sparkle. But practicality and total commitment to your life purpose and material goals will grow, leading to your success.

Now flowing with the current tough vibes will benefit you in the long run and it will be easier to make your cherished dreams come true.

Here are three easy steps to your highest success in your career. As an additional bonus, your spiritual evolution will grow, which means putting an end to your suffering from frustration, fear and self-doubt.

1. Include others

Dr. Pillai often reminds us that true happiness comes from a life in service to the underprivileged. When we are helping someone who is less fortunate than we are, our personal concerns vanish, we become more flexible and creative and satisfaction is more likely.

Saturn guarantees that when you add others to your list of beneficiaries, success is yours.

2. Tested by fire1

Although Saturn can contribute to millionaire status or CEO positions, chances are that on the way to these achievements it won’t be all fun.

As a matter of fact, succeeding under Saturn includes some tears and tough lessons—more similar to hard knocks than college credits.

Solution: Sign up for fire rituals to Saturn, Hanuman and Shiva. I have solved lots of problems over the years through professionally performed Vedic remedies—especially fire rituals. These rituals are airplanes as compared to slower vehicles on your way to your progress.

3. Choose diplomacy

The Scorpio environment can help us boost our courage by conquering our deepest fears.

But now even usually flexible and easy-going Mercury is in Scorpio, conjoining Saturn. You will need extra sugar in your coffee to overcome the unpleasant feelings from others’ harsh speech. Business could now become a difficult and emotional endeavor.

But nothing is truly lost in astrology. Again, remedies can overcome the icier saturnine vibes and Scorpio’s nightmares. Instead of giving up, you’ll be able to lean towards difficult situations and make the best of them.

The sound vibrations OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (for Mercury) and OM NAMO NARAYANAYA (for Vishnu, overlord of Mercury) will soften your speech and make it more effective, courageous and authentic.

Honoring Saturn with his special sounds OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA can reduce fears induced by the planet of delays.

Enjoy the energies!


Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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