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As you anticipate the joys or stresses of the upcoming holiday season, you are probably wondering what gifts would be truly meaningful for you and your loved ones. By definition a gift is supposed to bring happiness.

So if you are searching for something that will bring joy and well-being to you, your family members and friends, search no more.

Healing Energies

Malas, or healing and auspicious necklaces, change your mood, defuse negativity, give you stamina and deepen the effects of your meditation.

We often carry strong opinions—read ‘deep skepticism’—for anything we don’t experience through our senses. Yet it goes without saying that air, electromagnetism, thoughts, love, fear and other invisible forces are intrinsic parts of our lives just as other more visible features.

Most likely you’ve had this experience—you woke up feeling good, in a positive mood or with a sense of vitality to which others responded in very pleasing ways—appreciative comments, offers of help, admiring stares and sincere smiles.

What caused these pleasant exchanges and what was different about you? According to the Vedic sciences and Dr. Pillai, it was your energy that created that experience.

In fact, powerful yet subtle astrological rays in the form of thoughts and vibrations make us radiate beauty, positivity, love, purity and other desirable qualities.

The opposite is also true—and planets and stars can put the shadows of negativity on our minds and energy. Again, others will respond to us accordingly.

Vedic Texts on Crystal and Gem Therapy

You don’t need to believe in Vedic texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita or the Puranas, and their wealth of information on the positive effects of malas to know that pure crystals, sacred seeds and precious woods have a powerful impact on other forms of energy.

The crystalline structures in gems and even less rare crystals are routinely used in advanced technological devices—computers, watches and spacecraft, for example.

Even laser technology employs gemstones for surgical procedures. We also know that diamonds can cut through glass. Scientific studies show that other minerals and gems can benefit our health, moods and thoughts. Some researchers have put together an impressive body of data—case studies and healings based on the energetic effects of gemstones.

Gems, crystals and plants contain energy and affect us according to their nature and vibrations. Vedic mala beads vibrate at the frequency of a specific energy center in your physical and subtle bodies. They also carry frequencies of planets and can strengthen the positive energies of that celestial body.

Higher Frequencies 2

In other words, a gem and consequently a necklace or mala made of precious stones or sacred seeds carry information.

These positively informative energies affect our own physical and mental energies, because matter is also made of energy—according to physics.

The healing and beneficial energies of malas can magnify the use of sonic technology—or in yogic terms, the sound vibrations within mantras.

I own at least 12 malas made of all kinds of beads and semi-precious gems carrying various healing energies. I found that when these are empowered in Vedic rituals and blessed by an enlightened Master, such as Dr. Pillai, these beads are way more powerful.

A Mala for Each Planet or Archetype

Vedic astrology, Ayurveda (or the traditional Indian medical system), Chinese medicine and the American Native Indian traditions have left us much knowledge regarding the uses of energetically powerful woods, seeds and gems.

Ayurvedic doctors tell us, for example, that pearls are cooling and enhance femininity, whereas rubies are heating and increase power and vitality.

Some malas can magnify your physical beauty; others carry information that increases wealth or healing vibes that can cure ailments. Their beauty and auspiciousness are gifts from the divine realms.

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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