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Namaste to everyone! I don’t know about you all, but for me the best nuggets of wisdom come from Sucharita when she is in the zone and presents the topic of discussion. This week it was all about erasing negative thoughts, stilling the mind and allowing the Divine (your soul or higher self) to break through and reveal to you the areas in your life that need to be addressed. We just have to pay attention to the signs!

We only have about two more weeks of the exalted Sun in Aries. This is the best time to set our intentions for the next 12 months. Dr. Pillai says we should write out our goals, even if you are only writing it once a day! Quiet the monkey mind, (which is not your soul) and pay attention to what your soul (your divine self) is saying to you.

It was also the 6th waxing moon, which is a good time to tune into the archetype, Muruga to help us to get rid of negative thoughts. The mind constantly replays negative thoughts over and over. This is not necessary or even desirable! Like Dr. Pillai says, “Take the garbage out to the curb. There is no need to sort through it again!” Yes! Who goes through the garbage after it’s on the curb? Hopefully you will have already learned your lessons with that garbage and can just let it go. So Muruga’s energy can help you with this.

The objective is to live in the NOW. Most negative thoughts come from the past; dwelling on the mistakes, regrets and feelings of insecurity that we have already experienced. There is no past, there is only the NOW, so there is no point in wasting time living in or reacting to things that happened in the past. Every moment is new. Paint a new picture of your life, and go forward from here.

Dr. Pillai also says it’s good to get into the habit of taking a shower each morning and each night to rinse away. symbolically and literally, the karma that we picked up through the day and night. Cultivating this habit cleanses the soul as well as the body.

Then Sucharita led us in an 8 minute meditation that came out of Dr. Pillai’s Master Class on Time Jumping. She chanted the sacred and magical sounds that Baba gave us: “Chumma Iru Chollara” which is Tamil for “be quiet, be still, without words.” The sounds will help you become thought-free. When you are thought-free, the Divine can come in loud and clear.

We must simply learn to listen, like picking out a clarinet in a whole symphonic orchestra. The sound is there, it’s just a matter of learning to hear it. No matter what spiritual path you are on, this chant can help you connect with whatever divine archetype you relate to. And once you start tuning into your higher self, you will begin to see God in everyone.

If you “think” you are not getting what you want, maybe you are not quite ready for it yet. You can do the things that will help you prepare or get ready for receiving what you’d like to come into your life.

Consider doing daily Tarpanam (ancestor offering) to nourish and heal your ancestors who may be holding you back. By helping the ancestors move onto higher realms, we are helping ourselves. We carry part of our ancestors in our DNA that we have inherited from them. Whatever “memory” is in the DNA it’s affecting us on some level or another creating obstacles in our lives or smooth progress. So do Tarpanam and get blessings from your ancestors. AstroVed has some great explanations here and here.

Also, consider writing out your goals, intentions and mantras daily. These get imprinted in the mind and cue our psyche to re-inforce our intentions. These techniques are science-based and can help to shift the consciousness of the general population. For me, I accept the fact that these teachings work and I don’t have to know HOW they work. This is called Faith as Dr. Pillai defines faith as having “utter positivity”. And we’ve all heard that Faith can move mountains!

Dr Pillai also shares about how mantras work. There have been studies done that show when a cork continuously bumps up against a large piece of heavy metal gradually the large piece of metal begins to vibrate. So how that relates to mantras is when you keep reciting the mantras over and over, gradually the vibrations will begin to change the energy and vibration inside of you. And then you will begin to attract more rewarding energies into your life and your destiny changes!

Love, Yagna

Support Member for Sundays with Sucharita

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