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Although some people squirm when you talk about God and divine beings—not to mention the deer-in-headlights look when you mention extraterrestrials—celestial helpers have always existed.

But the rich and powerful know about these celestial beings and don’t hesitate to communicate with divine realms.

Dr. Pillai has just revealed the syllabus for his upcoming Six-Day Muruga India Trip program (November 12 – 17).

India Program

“I’m going to take you to the most important Muruga shrines that are powerful energy vortexes, where you can access the energy of this God.

“You’ll be able to activate your third eye and learn how to be in touch with the Divine at all times and how go beyond the mundane activities of the mind,” he said.

“People think that you are out of your mind if you believe in extraterrestrials and non-physical intelligence.

“But you might be surprised to hear that Ronald Reagan was told he would become the President, and that he should leave Hollywood,” Dr. Pillai revealed. As a result of this celestial guidance, Ronald Regan won the presidency.

The rest is history.

Meet a Divine Interstellar Traveler

Muruga—or Skanda, as he’s also known—is a God from the Pleiades star cluster.2

In addition to his interstellar presence and supernormal powers, Muruga intervenes on your behalf with a Vel, his super lance that can protect human beings from dark forces.

During Skanda Shasti—Skanda’s six power days—Muruga can change your brain, make you hundreds of times more intelligent and open your third eye—a portal to higher dimensions.

Dr. Pillai has revealed that even in our sleep, evil entities try to influence human beings and this is when Muruga’s intervention can vanquish those entities.

“In India, I will teach you how to communicate with Muruga without words. This is a more profound communication method.

“This is a new tool that you’ll be learning during this trip. That’s why I decided to offer this six-days program. God Bless.”

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Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s SKANDA SHASTI TRIP here. Click the button below for details.


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