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Venus will cross Virgo, its sign of detriment and debilitation between November 2 and November 29.

This is a planet that enjoys relationships, social gatherings, fine arts, entertainment and luxury. But when Venus is in Virgo, sign of Mercury, happiness could become a declining commodity.

So here for you is a guide to navigate this transit in full safety, salvage relationships, make the best of the available energies and access time-tested remedial techniques. Let’s go.


Venus is gentle, so is neutral and flexible Mercury, the ruler of Virgo. However, this is the natural house for digging into a pile of papers to reorganize your files or implementing business-like plans. Because organization is not Venus’ top priority, you’ll have to work harder at keeping your environment neat and orderly.


Virgo is the go-to place for litigation and health. Plus—Venus will have two roommates, Rahu and Mars, two forces that can easily take over. So stay calm, avoid arguments and obsessions, because when things get out of control in Virgo, legal issues, enmities and sickness loom larger.

To stay healthy, eat organic foods, consult nutritional experts and try to get along with everyone. People could seem either standoffish or rude during this time, but use your charms to smooth difficult situations.

In Louise Hay’s words, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” Hopefully, you’ll choose happiness and that will contribute to your health.


Rahu is never satisfied and in Venus’ and Mars’ company, his frustrations will grow unimaginably.

Fortunately, yoga mats have a way to defuse more outbursts than we can say. There’s something about watching your breath, posture and thoughts that can turn you into the highest—literally divine—version of yourself.

If you are yet to try your first yoga class, this is the time to find one near you. Or at least, you could watch a video to learn Shavasana or Corpse Pose. There’s nothing Halloweeny about this pose. In yoga therapy manuals, including mine, whole book chapters were dedicated to the innumerable health benefits of this pose.

It’s not just for lazy people—but a way to calm all your systems at once. Trust me.


Mercifully, the current ruler of Venus will be sending his favors from Libra, a Venus-owned sign. This is an auspicious and lucky 2combination that will go a long way to reduce Venus’ picky tendencies that can cause uncountable reasons for unhappiness.

Hopefully your creativity and this Venus-Mercury sign exchange will take you on short romantic trips to places where you can relax. Or you could stay at home and laugh out loud at any differences with others—minus sarcastic remarks, of course.

Sarcasm is nothing other than a form of violence. When we remember this, we avoid countless problems with others.


  • Fire Labs to Venus when this planet is debilitated are twice as powerful. These rituals gather the energy of infrared rays and sonic technology to connect you with the Divine and fulfill your wishes.
  • Chanting on Fridays (and in Venus Hora) – OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA – can turn Venus’ benign eyes towards you. 108 or 1008 repetitions are very powerful.
  • Home ritual: offer white, pink or yellow flowers, lamp or candle, incense and sweets to an image of Venus and recite the above mantra. Ask for happiness and list the areas of your life that need fixing. Thank Venus from your heart.
  • Meditation (any form will do, but don’t skip it).


Virgo is also the house of excessive expenses and debts. At this time, due to a certain level of dissatisfaction, you could overdraw your account and unduly use your credit cards.

Debilitated Venus comes with a warning to save your money and postpone unnecessary purchases of expensive items. Moreover, you might not like these objects as much when Venus enters Libra, its own domain.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head ShotEnergetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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