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“Timeline Jumping is to create a new life at any moment.” – Dr. Pillai

VIP Support for Timeline Jumpers

Siddhas know that time is the most valuable resource we have on the earth plane. Unfortunately, using time wisely is not common knowledge.

The Timeline Jumping Membership Program is here to provide you with all the knowledge, tools, and support you need to be a successful Timeline Jumper.

Scroll Down to See How You Can Take Control of Time & Destiny

Dear Students,

Time has to be bypassed. We have to jump time, accelerate time. Time, after all, is a subjective phenomenon.

You can switch your orientation and get into a different time frame.

The reason I am interested in Astrology is because it is the study of time, especially Vedic Astrology which gives you a method through which you can change your time.

Your timeline is your destiny. It is what you go through in your life, which is your money, your relationship, your health.

Your timeline is your destiny. It is what you go through in your life, which is your money, your relationship, your health.

We generally undergo one type of experience although we have the opportunity to simultaneously plug into different timelines, or different destinies.

Changing your time means changing your destiny.

God Bless,

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Take Control of Time & Destiny4

The “Redesign Your Destiny” program has evolved to bring you comprehensive support for Timeline Jumping. As Dr. Pillai has said, time and destiny are one in the same, and when you take control of your time, you control your destiny.

The Vedic Science of Time is not simple, and keeping up with the constantly changing powertimes every month can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re offering a premium membership program to remind you and to empower you with all the information and remedies you need to be a Timeline Jumper, including:

  • High-level overview of the month’s most important powertimes
  • Group calls & meditations during powertimes
  • Fire Labs to maximize positive energies of the month
  • Instructional tools featuring tips & techniques
  • Special remedies to support your Timeline Jumping
  • Weekly emails & reminders to keep you engaged with the times

Let us support you to make the most of the monthly energies that make or break your success.


Dr. Pillai in Dubai: Manifest an Extraordinary Life

Are you in Dubai and ready to experience Dr. Pillai in person? Then it’s time for an extraordinary life when Dr. Pillai delivers his first seminar in Dubai on March 18th.

“Dubai is a miraculous country, absolutely miraculous.” – Dr. Pillai

In this land of miracles, Dr. Pillai will deliver special empowerment and guide you through techniques to live through your Midbrain. He’ll teach you how to manifest an extraordinary life, combining secret technology from the Tamil Siddha tradition with the discoveries of modern neuroscience. Dr. Pillai’s unique teachings and invaluable live blessing make Midbrain Miracles a reality.

Manifest an Extraordinary Life with Dr. Pillai in Dubai

March, 18th 2016


Explore the Future of Human Evolution Every Week

Join us for part 4 of the free Human Evolution Web Series for an insider’s look at AstroVed, the part of Dr. Pillai’s mission focused on Astrology and the Vedic Sciences.

Gina Guerrieri will be answering the big questions, like:

  • What is Astrology?
  • How does Astrology impact your life?
  • What’s the difference between Vedic and Western Astrology?
  • What can I do to fix negative planetary influences?

“It’s not only about finding whether the planets are in the right place or not, but fixing them that is the most important.” – Dr. Pillai

Vedic Technology & Time

Saturday, March 12th – 9:30 am PST

“Our nature is to get things fast. Waiting is a waste of time.”- Dr. Pillai

Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s DUBAI EVENTS here. Click the button below for details.



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