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Usually, planetary change builds so slowly that you barely notice. Until all of a sudden you just can’t ignore it.

This became the case during the recent solar eclipse and when talkative Mercury and loving Venus left solid, work-oriented Capricorn to join the Sun and Ketu in Aquarius.

The status quo doesn’t sit well with Aquarius planets—and you’ll either long for a past that seems better than your current conditions, or you’ll turn so passionate about changing the world that you’ll want societal change.

Your focus on yourself, your gains and your work schedule is now taking a backseat to an overwhelming desire for the new.

You’ll even consider leaving your current lifestyle to bring in fresh air—in your relationship, business, career or outlook.

Now as you shift from the private to the communal—you’ll think that there’s no looking back.

And while you should avoid hastiness in implementing your new vision—because some lunar-node confusion will be involved—you’ll love your renewed motivation and desire to make this a better world.

Embrace this small shift to be truly happy—and don’t miss these culturally rich current and out-of-the-box ideas for a new and better you.

Venus wears jeans

This is not about clothes. 2

But you’ll suddenly find that your more conservative ideas have lost their appeal and you’ll be happy to delve into books or research for a more satisfying time.

Often trends highlight important changes that are way beyond skin deep.

Even the way you look at your friends might change—and you won’t be happy with casual outings. You’ll demand more substance in conversations and interests or you might distance yourself in search of a more broad-minded group.

Enjoy your freedom, but avoid criticizing your friends or those who choose different paths.

Concert halls

Aquarius loves huge gatherings of like-minded people. Both Venus and Mercury will take you out of your usual entertainment trail. Don’t resist this and you’ll love the novelty in music, theater or movies.

It’s in the stars

While you’ll enjoy wearing casuals and ditching formality, you may discover that you need to expand your world through astrology or astronomy.

In ancient Vedic times, these two sciences were one and the same. Follow your inspiration.

If life feels hard to you, perhaps Aquarius rules a difficult part of your horoscope. When the planets are driving you mad, you can follow a planetary “diet” of mantra chanting and Vedic remedies.

Recite (aloud or mentally) the following sounds:

. OM SURYAYA NAMAHA (27 times to the Sun for improving your career)

. OM KETAVE NAMAHA (27 times to Ketu for ending frustration)

. OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (27 times to Venus for a happier relationship)

. OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (27 times to Mercury for improved communication and earnings)

Nothing working?

Fire rituals to Venus, Mercury or Ketu will restore your peace of mind—as financial matters, relationship and marketing campaigns will turn in your favor.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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