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Even if enlightenment is not on your priority list, you’ve probably heard about it from spiritual people who are either skeptical that they can ever get there, or those who are trying to achieve it.

But there are many misconceptions about what enlightenment really is.

Yet its achievement can transform your life from an ordinary one—with many ups and downs—to one of magnificence and super powers.

Below are two reasons why you might want to give it some thought.

1. Intelligence Expansion

Arguably, we live in times when the survival of the smartest is quickly replacing the Darwinian based ‘survival of the fittest’.

According to Dr. Pillai—a Siddha Master who teaches techniques to end human suffering—enlightenment is about “gaining more light.”

“Light is both heat and luminosity, which result in enlightenment.1

“Currently, the body and the brain are not functioning at their full levels.

“Only a very small part of electric current can pass through the brain and the body, resulting in a low-voltage energy—responsible for a lower level of intelligence.

“If the body, the nervous system and the brain could pick up larger amounts of electricity and use it in day-to-day life, there would be more consciousness.

“Consciousness equals intelligence.”

2. You Will Process Information Much Faster

“When there is more consciousness, our intelligence will be bright.

“A low level of consciousness means low levels of electricity, which results in low levels of knowledge or intelligence.

“I’ll teach you how to pump more electricity into the brain and into the body. When we do that, then we become enlightened day by day. God bless.”

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