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“On a practical level, I have found this immensely helpful to heal your diseases which have come to you from your ancestors – or your financial situation or your relationship situation. All these things you find getting better once you do a ritual called Tarpanam. Tarpanam means offering food to these souls. These souls come and hang out with you. They need food and water.

This might seem very naïve, but then we have to evaluate it only by results produced by this practice. I have not known any particular amavasya rituals or meditation to be so powerful as this offering.”

Dr. Pillai

Feed Ancestral Souls: Renew Your Life

Thai Amavasya 2022 is the first New Moon after the Sun starts moving towards the Northern hemisphere. In the Vedic calendar, the northward movement of the Sun marks the Dawn in Heaven and fills the earth plane with the auspicious energy of renewal. The Sun represents the soul in Vedic astrology. It will be transiting Capricorn, the 10th sign of the natural zodiac, which represents Karma (actions) and ruled by Saturn, the planet of Karma. During this time, your action towards liberating your ancestors by performing Tarpanam, which is a food offering to them, will be fruitful. This placement of the Sun in Saturn’s house can help you reduce the impact of ancestral karma and enable you to receive their blessings for you, your children, and future generations.

Thai Amavasya Significance Ancestral Offerings

Ancestors come down to the earth plane every New Moon, but this Moon is exceptional. Thai Amavasai is one of the important New Moons to reduce the impact of Pitru Dosha, known as an ancestral affliction. This affliction, which happens due to non-performance of Tarpanam (Ancestral Offerings), can impact you to a great extent and may manifest as

  • prolonged illnesses
  • misunderstandings at home
  • no progress in career
  • financial instability
  • progeny-related issues

Connecting with the souls of your ancestors when the Sun is the strongest enables you to receive your ancestors’ blessing in abundance.

Significance of Tarpanam at Kasi

According to the sacred text Brahma Purana, departed ancestors’ souls are elevated beings who deserve your Tarpanam offerings. Feeding your ancestors’ souls through Tarpanam offerings can help them become your greatest benefactors. Dr. Pillai says that it is extremely difficult to progress in life without ancestral blessings.

On Thai Amavasya, Pillai Center will be performing Amavasai Tharpanam at Kasi, one of the most important places for performing Tarpanam for ancestors. Among all other places to perform Tarpanam, scriptures have decreed Kasi to be the greatest. The significance of the city Kasi has been mentioned in the sacred text Skanda Purana. It states that it is the sacred place for securing ‘Punya’ (good karma) of the good deeds done in the past and the future and is the holiest of all the places, which can absolve all your sins and grant Moksha (salvation).

Thai Amavasya Tarpanam Services Explained

Sponsoring Tarpanam on a New Moon is a great opportunity and the most effective means for feeding and potentially freeing your departed loved ones and ancestors. Pillai Center’s priests specialize in ancestral offerings that ensure that your genetic line is spiritually “well-fed.” Participate in Thai Amavasya Tharpanam offerings to help free the souls of your ancestors, the most significant act to also remove hardships in your life.

Dr. Pillai has studied practices for connecting with ancestors from traditions in India, Japan, and China. According to some beliefs, Tarpanam sends your ancestors straight to Heaven through instant salvation.

Dr. Pillai teaches that what really happens is that your ancestors become purified by God’s light and become stronger. This helps them evolve and move to a higher place, which is closer to God. Performing Tarpanam creates a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your ancestors. They become free from thought patterns that create more poverty, loneliness, frustration, and bad relationships with others. From this more powerful standing, they bless you and help you purify from bad energy that would otherwise cause similar afflictions in you. This is karma you share with them until you destroy it through Tarpanam.

Dr. Pillai has found Tarpanam to be more powerful than any other meditation or ceremony in terms of destroying karma. The more you perform Tarpanam, the more of this karma you dissolve. This makes it easier to manifest your most sincere dreams.

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