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Proxy Yantra Blessed

The siddhas have developed a technology to capture and store a person’s soul-signature to enable them to be physically in more than one place. The technology works by inscribing the person’s horoscope on a copper plate which then becomes like a surrogate of that person. Dr. Pillai refers to this device as a proxy, or surrogate yantra.

If you are not able to attend Dr. Pillai’s birthday trip in person, a proxy yantra is considered the next best thing for you to be able to receive the destiny-changing blessings that will be available.

Once you sign up for either the Enhanced, Elite, or Elite Plus birthday proxy packages, a customized individual proxy yantra will be created on your behalf as per the guidance of Dr. Pillai.

Your proxy yantra will be:

  • Personally blessed by Dr. Pillai during his birthday
  • Taken to all the trip temples for communion with the divine beings & their powerspots
  • Participating in all the birthday fire ceremonies commissioned by Dr. Pillai
  • And immersed in the sin-dissolving ocean and twenty-two wells of the world’s premiere karma removal vortex of Rameshwaram.

Be Blessed By Golden Age Beings

Dr. Pillai’s birthday 2020 pilgrimage has been designed to invoke key aspects of the divine to put you in the fast lane for all-around prosperity.

In addition to Dr. Pillai, you have the opportunity to receive the blessings of powerful beings who can easily intervene in your life, including:

  • Bhima Rudra – destroy disease and death
  • Rakakshi Amman – awaken your third eye
  • Nambu Nayaki – receive miraculous physical and psychological healing
  • Shiva – invite blessings for a new destiny and enlightenment
  • Meenakashi – gain success and all-around prosperity
  • Patanjali – be blessed with siddhi powers and everlasting peace
  • Swarna Akarshan Bhairava – attract wealth and wish-fulfilment
  • Dakshina Kali – receive boons, prosperity, and protection
  • Venkateshwara – secure salvation and immense wealth
  • Padmavati – experience beauty and material manifestation
  • Vishvamitra – acquire emperor-consciousness and unstoppable victory
  • Bhishma – invoke righteousness, fame, peace, and support from people
  • Dattatreya/Shirdi Baba – receive problem-solving miracles and enlightenment
  • Angali – acquire miracle-performing consciousness and ultimate wisdom
  • Varahi – receive quick material manifestation and fierce protection
  • Shreem Brzee – experience abundance and highest wealth-consciousness
  • And much more

To see all the available proxy offerings, including:

  • Proxy powerspot and birthday ceremonies participation
  • Live darshan with Dr. Pillai during his birthday
  • And rare energized artifacts

Click the button below to explore and choose your package. You must sign up by January 29 to secure your proxy yantra.


To You Empowerment,

Your Pillai Center Team

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