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“Faith is a weapon more powerful than nuclear weapons.”

                                                                                                                                – Dr. Pillai

The Secret to Karma Busting

You’re probably like me when it comes to meditating. I have a purpose but try not to get attached to how and when the goal is achieved.

The secret of “how and when” lies in my thoughts, feelings and actions. Dr. Pillai refers to this as our karma.

To unlock the secret of how and when, I do “karmic ice-breaking”. Karma is stored at the cellular level in our DNA and genetics. Dr. Pillai created Nambu Botanicals to detoxify our karma at a cellular level.

To further kick herbs for karma and speed things up, I use one primary technique: keeping a belief/thought, front and center.

The secret to karma busting is POSITIVITY.dna seeds

After a life-changing Nadi remedy trip in 2001, I asked to take on the noble pursuit of running a project for Dr. Pillai. I met with him and made a heartfelt request. He consented and parted our meeting after giving me the most important and simple piece of wisdom ever. He said,

“Just remember, Always be positive.”

At the time, I thought being and remaining positive would be easy to do. It turned out to be much, much harder than I thought.

Get alerted to negative thought patterns at the root thought with Enlightenment Formula.

Purchase any 2 bottles, we suggest Enlightenment Formula & HI-Health Formula, together for 15% OFF:

Use the Discount Coupon Code “PCPOSITIVE” until Feb. 29th

Why Practice Positivity?

Positivity affects every single aspect of life, and it can change our brains. Literally, our thought patterns can permanently change, if we “will” positive thoughts! Studies done by Barabara Fredrick, a PhD at Stanford University Phd, give a snap shot of the many ways positivity helps us…

Positive Emotions:

  • Increasing motivation
  • Attracting, warm, & loving relationships
  • Money is easy to attract & new opportunities are readily available

Lower Fear & Open the Mind:

  • Act with an open mind as fear loses influence on life
  • Start attracting healthy conditions and relationships
  • Enhance your resilience & bounce back!

Health Benefits:

  • Lowers extreme sadness & stress
  • Increase resistence to colds & other illness
  • Lower self-reporting of illness symptoms
  • Healthy Mind & Body connection

Siddha Secret for Staying Positive

Everyone needs help staying positive and that’s exactly why Dr. Pillai created Hi-Health Formula. Long ago, India knew about the Turmeric phenomenon, used to ward off negativity and create prosperity and health by consuming or by simply worshipping the herb.

The Siddha Secret: The phonemes in Hi-Health have the secret sound to create perfection in everything we do.

Purchase any 2 bottles, we suggest Enlightenment Formula & HI-Health Formula, together for 15% OFF:

Use the Discount Coupon Code “PCPOSITIVE” until Feb. 29th

Mark your calendar for February 27th for part 3 of the Human Evolution Web Series. Learn more about Nambu Botanicals and how Dr. Pillai is revealing the secrets and science of Siddha medicine. Sign up for FREE.

My Siddha Herbs Experience…


Enlightenment Formula makes my subtle thoughts obvious to me. All unconscious patterns suddenly become evident. And best of all, I’m aware and can do something about them.




nambu positivity thinking 1

Then Hi-Health Formula gives me strength and will power. I experience extra awareness to stop negative emotions dead in their tracks and replace with them positive ones I want to manifest



nambu peace 1

Now, I am more productive and financially lucky. I can help others and love the lives around me more effectively, and my spiritual practice increases in focus, intensity, and a lot more power.



We discuss on our homepage how our herbs remove karma. Our herbs remove your karma through changing your brains’ chemistry, which can change what you manifest in life.

Dr. Pillai often says, “Consciousness is Chemistry”. In his recent birthday seminar, Dr. Pillai mentioned, “I have seen the thoughts and lives change dramatically of those who take Nambu Herbs consistently.” That’s a testimony!

In Positivity and Faith,

 nambu image 1

Beth DesMarais




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