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The launch of Phonemic Intelligence (PI) represents the culmination of Dr. Pillai’s life’s work and dream of bringing sound-based intelligence enhancing technology to the masses. Representing over 40 years of research and development, PI is now available for all ages and at the most affordable price ever.

Early-bird pricing for all PI programs has been extended to February 14th, giving everyone extra time to register and save.

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Dear Students,

Years ago I started a program and experimented with the effect of sounds on the psychology and behavior.

I started it in a very informal fashion and found tremendous results happening in Canada where I started it. Now it has become a formal program, based on what I called “Mind Sound Technology”.

Mind is just words or language.

If there aren’t words or language, there won’t be any mind–at least the cognitive mind. I came to the final analysis that sounds, which are alphabests, basically consanants and vowels, create words and language.

So, if we understand vowels and consonants, we can understand the human mind itself.

There are remarkable, amazing discoveries that came out of this…

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Dr. Pillai’s Long Term Vision of Phonemic Intelligence is Here

Did you know that Phonemic Intelligence is the culmination of Dr. Pillai’s lifelong dream? His closest students say that for as long as they’ve known him, Dr. Pillai’s has been driven to develop ways to unlock the inherent power of the phonemes–the smallest units of sound–as a shortcut to empowering the next generation.

What began initially as the “Super Kids” program later grew to become Dr. Pillai’s “Mind Sound Technology”, featuring modern interpretations and applications of sound science on the brain.

Now, over 30 years later, Dr. Pillai has coupled the findings of the neuroscience community with his own field studies to prove the benefits of sound-based intelligence enhancement.

With PI, you can empower your children and generations to come to lead the way for human evolution.

What’s more, with the latest developments in PI, no age group will be left behind. For the first time, Phonemic Intelligence is available for teenagers and adults of all ages through tailor made programs that match their unique needs.

*Register by January 14th for the Early Bird Discount


Custom Designed Programs for All Age Groups


Designed for ages 5 to 10, including those with special needs, the Child/Parent Program teaches parents or caretakers how to instruct their children in PI.




For pre-teens and teens from 11 to 17, this program empowers young adults to navigate successfully through one of the most challenging periods in life.




The most advanced PI program available, for adults age 18 and up, comprised of four modules featuring four separate enhancements of the core technique.



Find out more about PHONEMIC INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM here. Click the button below for details.


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