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Discover the truth behind Archetypes and how Muruga’s forthcoming birthday is a chance to realize the god in you.

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You can birth Muruga in you.

This seems to be quite a strange concept, but truly it is the right understanding of Godhead within the Indian Tradition.

You can literally “birth” a god within you because the god is not just a superstitious concept.

Muruga represents the brain and its six parts, particularly the Third Eye, which is the Pineal Gland.

Because so many people don’t have knowledge of the Godhead within the Hindu Tradition, even the Hindus, their children are losing their religion because they think it is a superstition, or a faith which has no basis.

Like anyone else, I went through a period of self-exploration. I realized that I may not have to dress myself differently in order to be “holy.” From that time onward, I began to realize my own destiny in this lifetime is to present religion, particularly Hinduism, as a science.

Sanctifying or “scientizing” mythology is my mission in life. I received my PhD in Religion, focusing on Hinduism, from the University of Pittsburgh. There I put forth the argument that Religion is a Science, and all of the gods and goddesses have to be understood in terms of neuro-anatomy, neuro-physiology, and as elements, as much as they are understood by their anthropomorphic forms.

I don’t want to complicate this: what the “birth of a god” means for us is the birth of a particular god within oneself.

The time frame between May 31st and June 1st is a very important time to “birth” Muruga.

To birth Muruga is to activate different parts of the brain, particularly the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland. That’s why mythology says that Muruga came out of the Third Eye of Lord Siva.

He is the God of Wisdom, and the symbol that is predominantly associated with him is the Vel, a lance, and that, when properly understood, is the Third Eye, which is also a psychic weapon that can destroy ignorance and karma.

It is important for parents and their children to understand the concept of Muruga in the proper perspective.

Muruga is relevant forever.

God Bless.

– Dr. Pillai




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