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sun in taurus

There is now a planetary focus on Taurus where Mars and Mercury are intent on accumulating material wealth and pursue pleasurable experiences. At the same time, Saturn placed in the secretive and deep waters of Scorpio is glancing at both, scolding, delaying achievement and sending his sobering influence. And as the Sun joins Taurus (May 15 – June 15), complexity may give way to confusion—and hoarding and excess desire might need curbing.

No one likes experiencing powerlessness and self-doubt.  But this is a possibility as the Sun’s archenemy Saturn is watching the Sun—so we must work a bit harder to manifest the Sun’s brilliant qualities.

Because the Sun—ruler of our soul, vitality and personality—is now under Saturn’s close watch and their natural enmity highlighted, we need organization, planning and a bit of savvy to prevent difficulties in areas of finances, career, family comforts and to banish insecurities.

At this time, we might also fall prey to pessimism and bitterness. But there is room for great opportunity, too. Much can be salvaged and even gained from some awareness and adequate knowledge.

Following these five steps will save the day, protect you and restore your self-belief and authority in your career, to make the best of Taurus’ quality and to acquire lasting wealth.

1. Royalty Consciousness

The Sun is an ever-powerful king. He also represents our government, authority figures, VIPs and our fathers. A king may ask for advice, but ultimately will deliver a royal edict. According to the Siddhas, the ultimate jurisdiction on our lives comes from the knowledge of our divine origins—no one can take that away from you. Material gains can never be a lasting substitute for your true and divine royalty.

Strengthen your self-esteem by reciting the Sun’s vibrational sounds (or mantras) stemming from the Vedic tradition and designed to speed your vibrations and facilitate your resonance with the enlightening Sun.

Recite 108 times at sunrise or on Sundays:


Repeat the Gayatri Mantra 9 times at any time:






2. Hidden treasures

The Sun in Taurus can now help you amass wealth through a jewelry (or other luxury item) business. Saturn’s influence on Mercury, Mars and Sun may also signify income from hidden resources such as petrol, uranium or iron. Investing and gaining from those areas is now indicated.

3. Creative pursuits

Taurus’ ruler Venus is an art lover and connoisseur—with three planets in this area of the zodiac, a desire for artistic beauty or investments in artworks may now come to the fore even if you’ve never considered these sectors before. To receive the favors of Venus you can recite her sound waves:

OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (108 or 27 times on Fridays).

Moreover, appealing to Lakshmi, Venus’ overlord, will strengthen your good luck in financial matters:

OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA (108 or 27 times)

feed poor

4. Extended family

Taurus keeps our focus on family values and on our own assets, but sometimes this is to the detriment of a worldview that includes compassion and love for the human family at large.

Saturn’s influence may now shake our excessive indulgence and bring us a realization that we need to share our resources with those who have been hit hard by adverse luck—those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal, for example.

Charitable donations of money, food or clothes is an ancient Vedic remedy for all negative planetary influences. The good feelings resulting from doing ‘the right thing’ will further benefit your vitality.

5. Banish fears

This is easier said than done, because fears plague the human mind and even scientists tell us that we are more inclined to holding onto negative thoughts than positive ones.

Saturn is a notorious cause for dark and sad thoughts. This is not a misfortune, but rather a blessing in disguise—because it’s almost impossible to become evolved and mature beings without suffering.

But the Siddhas are infinitely compassionate and want to help us with techniques that reduce fear and increase our capacity to feel bliss.

The Mrityunjaya mantra is said to be the ultimate destroyer of all fears—especially fear of death.

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe

Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam

Urvarukamiva Bandhanan

Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

Enjoy the energies!

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