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The Sun entered Taurus on May 15th and will continue moving through this luxury-loving sign until June 15, 2015. A good focus for the month is Flow of Prosperity.

Before we talk about Taurus, take a moment and examine how the Sun’s exalted transit through Aries played out. The last month was a great time to initiate new ventures. Take stock of the actions you took to promote your projects and manifestations. Different types of seeds take different lengths of time to grow into mature plants, so keep tending to your manifestations until they bear fruit.

taurus bullYou might have experienced some intense and/or painful moments last month. Sun was exalted and extra-powerful in Aries. Aries is ruled by another fiery planet, Mars. The Sun wants to get rid of anything that is not aligned with our highest soul purpose. This process can sometimes be painful because the Sun is a star. Stars are masses of hydrogen and helium that burn and produce immense light. This means the way the Sun works is by burning away. You may have experienced the Sun burning away some more ego, any kind of impurities, or something you were attached to that no was no longer serving you. Fire purifies and flames always burn up. Fire can hurt, but it moves us up to a higher level of being. Fire transforms.

Now that the Sun has entered Taurus, the Sun’s energy will be more Venus-like. This is because Venus is the planet that rules Taurus. Venus is a planet of beauty, love and devotion, wealth, the arts, and pleasure. Venus has a softer energy than Mars or Sun, which are both fiery planets. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Beauty, is the overlord of Venus.  In fact, Venus is very much associated with all the Goddesses.

Taurus is called Vrishabha in Sanskrit. It is a grounded and luxury-loving sign that brings in energies of the arts, beauty, and accumulating wealth. It is a fixed earth sign. Taurus’ symbol is a bull, which is a very steady, hard-working animal. Bulls have all 4 feet firmly planted on the ground, which tells us that Taurus is a very stable environment in which to create wealth. Remember, on Wall Street, a bull market is when stocks are going up.

LaxmiAs the natural 2nd house, Taurus is associated with earning and saving money, food & eating, and persuading people through speech

Currently 4 planets are transiting Taurus – Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury. Today is also the New Moon Day, which is when the Sun and Moon are close together in a sign. The Moon, which is our mind, merges with the Sun. New Moon time is when our mind is at the lowest point. It is a great time to meditate, offer tarpanam to your ancestors, and honor Siva, Kali, and Hanuman.

The birthstar of the day is Bharani right now. Bharani is a star of sexuality and transformation, and it’s ruled by Venus. In a couple hours the star is going to change to the Pleiadian star Krittika.  This means that the Moon moves into Krittika.The Sun and Agni, the God of fire, rule Krittika. It has the power to cut or burn away impurities. Its symbols are the razor, an ax, and a flame. Interestingly enough, the Moon is exalted here. Krittika is a star of truth. Today is a day to clean the slate for a fresh new start. It is a day of purification, and it could be uncomfortable.

Sun, Mars, and Mercury will remain in Taurus for the next month. When there are multiple planets in a sign, there is a lot of emphasis there. So pay attention to Taurus’ indications of wealth, speech, and diet this month.

Sun in Taurus – The Sun signifies our soul, royal consciousness, activity, and father. The Sun will be lighting up Venus’ realm of luxury, beauty, and the arts. Enjoy and cultivate Goddess Consciousness.

Mars in Taurus – Mars is a planet of courage and problem-solving. Use his energy to take action to create wealth for yourself and the world.

Mercury in Taurus – Mercury is a planet of communication, business and wealth. Mercury in Taurus can give you steady thinking. However, Mercury will be moving in a retrograde direction from May 19th – June 11th. During this time Mercury will be extra-powerful, so be careful in your speech and writing to avoid miscommunication.

Moon in Taurus – The quick-moving Moon will only be in Taurus for a couple days before moving on to Gemini this Tuesday, May 19th. Moon symbolizes our mind and emotions.  And it moves the fastest of any planet…just like our monkey mind that jumps from thought to thought! Taurus is Moon’s exaltation sign, as Moon loves the stable environment. Both Moon and Venus connect us to the Goddess energy. Moon in Taurus can bring stable emotions, but be careful not to get possessive or jealous.

Saturn is Aspecting Taurus – Saturn is a planet of patience, endurance, and limitations. Saturn aspecting Taurus can give a steady and reserved character, frugality, and could increase your appetite.

Favorable Activities this Month

  • Take action to create wealth. Love and appreciate the flow of prosperity in your life. Create more for yourself and the world.
  • Be steady and fixed in your purpose.
  • Cultivate effective speech and communication. Be careful in this area since Mercury will be retrograde May 19th-June 11th.
  • Improve your diet.
  • Embrace Goddess Consciousness. Enjoy the beauty, artistry, relationships, and luxury in your life. Love the Divine!


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